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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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Russian oil major says US shale growth imperils OPEC deal CNBC.COM 14:52
Kuwait Supports Extending OPEC Production Cuts Beyond June BLOOMBERG.COM 13:41
Oil Extends Decline as U.S. Drilling Accelerates Amid OPEC Cuts BLOOMBERG.COM 00:41
Drill Baby, Drill! Trump's Big Plans For US Oil Could Put OPEC in the Shadows EN.RIAN.RU 15:01
Oil prices could jump $10 a barrel if OPEC extends output cap deal, analyst says CNBC.COM 12:27
Oil Trades Below $50 After U.S. Supply Glut Erases OPEC's Gains BLOOMBERG.COM 10:28
Saudis to US oil firms: Don’t expect OPEC cuts to offset rising shale output CNBC.COM 20:40
OPEC Deal Faces Litmus Test as Oil Price Indicators Point South BLOOMBERG.COM 16:54
Oil drops to lowest since OPEC deal, U.S. crude below $50/bbl REUTERS.COM 12:14
Iraq Implementing OPEC Oil Output Cut Deal - Ambassador EN.RIAN.RU 08:40
U.S. shale plots production growth despite OPEC's warning REUTERS.COM 05:27
Oil Inches Back From $50 Ledge as U.S. Supply Stymies OPEC Cuts BLOOMBERG.COM 04:54
Opec decides to go on speaking terms with hedge funds FT.COM 07:29
Oil to Hit $40 If OPEC Fails to Expand Cuts, Pioneer Says BLOOMBERG.COM 06:28
Saudi says Opec deal is invigorating US shale FT.COM 00:29
Opec decides to go on speaking terms with hedge funds FT.COM 00:29
Oil Closes Near $53 as OPEC Weighs Extending Production Curbs BLOOMBERG.COM 20:41
OPEC provides a sneak peek at 'much higher' oil output cut data CNBC.COM 19:53
OPEC In Talks With Other Countries on Joining Oil Output Cut Deal EN.RIAN.RU 19:40
Here's how much new US oil output OPEC can stomach, according to Saudi oil minister CNBC.COM 18:27
Saudi says Opec deal is invigorating US shale FT.COM 17:28
OPEC will intervene in oil market for only 'restricted period of time,' says Saudi oil minister CNBC.COM 15:40
Iraq, Angola Signal Willingness to Extend OPEC Oil Output Cuts BLOOMBERG.COM 04:28
OPEC Receives Enough Support From Russia - Secretary General EN.RIAN.RU 00:14
Russia on the $500 billion, 'chaos'-avoiding reason it is playing nice with OPEC CNBC.COM 22:27
Note to OPEC, Russia: India wants to be world's No. 1 oil market CNBC.COM 19:27
IEA Doubles Forecast for New OPEC Oil by 2022 as Iraq Ramps Up BLOOMBERG.COM 15:54
OPEC Chief Expects All Vienna Deal Members to Meet Oil Cutting Commitment EN.RIAN.RU 04:53
OPEC Oil Output Cut Deal: 'It Has Been More Successful Than Many Thought' EN.RIAN.RU 02:53
OPEC secretary general says 'so far, so good' on production deal, but too early to say on extension CNBC.COM 02:14