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Fed Is Poised to Revisit Inflation Forecast as Prices Pick Up BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
Swiss National Bank May Raise 2017 Inflation Forecast: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 07:15
Nigeria: Finally, Nigeria Inflation Rate Drops ALLAFRICA.COM 04:57
Treasuries Advance as Oil Slide Curbs Inflation Expectations BLOOMBERG.COM 19:28
Indian Inflation Quickens More Than Estimate Before Fed Review BLOOMBERG.COM 13:15
Gin-Sipping Hipsters on Fixies Ride Into U.K. Inflation Metric BLOOMBERG.COM 11:02
Ethiopia: Food Inflation Hits Nine-Month High As Vegetable Prices Soar ALLAFRICA.COM 10:57
UK inflation basket: gin and cycling helmets dropped in GUARDIAN.CO.UK 10:42
Children's scooters added to inflation basket BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 09:39
Indian Inflation Quickens More Than Estimate Before Fed Review BLOOMBERG.COM 06:15
No Trichet Flashback for Poland as Inflation Jolts East Europe BLOOMBERG.COM 01:28
Strong Shekel Will Delay Return to Inflation Target, BOI Says BLOOMBERG.COM 12:54
Kenya: Kenyans Hit Hard By Inflation As Prices Jump ALLAFRICA.COM 06:44
Brazil Inflation Surprise Firms Up Bets on Faster Rate Cuts BLOOMBERG.COM 13:41
U.K. Consumer Inflation Expectations Rise to Three-Year High BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
ECB Sees Core Inflation Outpacing Headline Growth in 2019: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 15:54
European Central Bank Holds Back, Even as Inflation Quickens IHT.COM 13:28
ECB Keeps Bond-Buying, Rates Unchanged Amid Inflation Flare-Up BLOOMBERG.COM 12:28
Egypt's Inflation Surges to 30% But Monthly Price Gains Ease BLOOMBERG.COM 07:28
Is the Fed Behind on Tightening? Watch This Inflation Indicator BLOOMBERG.COM 02:28
China Factory-Gate Inflation May Spike Most Since 2008: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 00:15
China February producer inflation fastest in nearly nine years as commodities surge REUTERS.COM 00:53
BOE Keeps Its 2% Inflation Target After Speculation About Remit BLOOMBERG.COM 14:41
Get ready for food inflation to take a bite out of growth | Vicky Pryce GUARDIAN.CO.UK 12:03
No Need to Play God on Inflation, Kenyan Central Bank Says BLOOMBERG.COM 06:28
Food inflation doubles in a month as UK shoppers start to feel the pinch GUARDIAN.CO.UK 10:42
Hammond urged to tackle 'catastrophic' effect of rising inflation GUARDIAN.CO.UK 12:29
Draghi Seen Keeping Cool on Stimulus Drive Amid Inflation Surge BLOOMBERG.COM 06:02
Research undercuts Fed's two favorite U.S. inflation tools REUTERS.COM 14:27
Investors still chasing inflation trade with $9.8 billion equity inflows: BAML REUTERS.COM 11:53
Carbon Price Has Transitory Inflation Impact, Bank of Canada Says BLOOMBERG.COM 17:28