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UK inflation rate remains at 2.3% BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 08:39
UK inflation steady at 2.3% in March - business live GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:42
U.K. Inflation Pickup Takes Easter Break as Rate Stays at 2.3% BLOOMBERG.COM 08:54
UK inflation stays at three-year high of 2.3% GUARDIAN.CO.UK 10:44
Eat More Marmite and Skip Flossing to Beat Brexit Inflation BLOOMBERG.COM 04:41
U.K. Consumer Back in the Spotlight as Wages, Inflation Diverge BLOOMBERG.COM 12:41
Zero house price inflation is to be welcomed not feared | Larry Elliott GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:16
Global Inflation Expectations May Have Passed Their Peak: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 18:41
India Unexpectedly Tightens Policy to Quell Rising Inflation BLOOMBERG.COM 09:54
Vlieghe Says Faster U.K. Inflation Alone Won't Nudge Him to Hike BLOOMBERG.COM 07:42
Fed minutes reveal debate over inflation and Trump AP.ORG 18:03
Fed Minutes Reveal Debate Over Inflation and Trump NYTIMES.COM 18:26
OECD Inflation Rate Rises to Highest Level in Five Years: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 02:41
Gilt Yields Nearing 1% May Spell Fatigue as Inflation Risk Looms BLOOMBERG.COM 14:54
Bank Indonesia's Top Woman Takes New Approach to Inflation Fight BLOOMBERG.COM 22:28
What's Behind Turkey's Crisis-Era Inflation Levels, in 5 Charts BLOOMBERG.COM 11:54
Surging Food Prices Bring Turkish Inflation to Highest Since 2008 BLOOMBERG.COM 10:41
U.K. Manufacturing Slows as Inflationary Pressures Continue BLOOMBERG.COM 09:15
Kenya: Kenya's Inflation Leaps to Five-Year High On Rising Food Costs ALLAFRICA.COM 09:05
Southeast Asia's Largest Economies Show Less Inflation Pressure BLOOMBERG.COM 08:41
Isa rates halved since Brexit vote and eroded further by inflation GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:16
U.S. Personal Spending Cools as Inflation Reaches Fed's Goal BLOOMBERG.COM 13:15
Consumer spending slows, but inflation is rising REUTERS.COM 13:14
Eurozone inflation slows in March BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 10:13
Euro-Area Inflation Slows More Than Predicted on Oil and Food BLOOMBERG.COM 09:41
Markets await UK growth report and eurozone inflation - business live GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:16
Japan Inflation Registers First Back-to-Back Rise Since 2015 BLOOMBERG.COM 00:41
Mexico Raises Key Rate as Inflation Hits Highest Since Recession BLOOMBERG.COM 20:02
German Inflation Decelerates in Dip Predicted by ECB BLOOMBERG.COM 14:15
Eurozone Economic Sentiment Drops in March Amid Weak German Inflation EN.RIAN.RU 11:40
Spanish Inflation Cools for First Time in Almost a Year BLOOMBERG.COM 08:15
Overtaxed Turks Brew Up a Homemade Inflation Remedy: Moonshine BLOOMBERG.COM 23:15
Gold Set to Soar to $1,500 as Inflation Poised for Comeback BLOOMBERG.COM 06:15
British bonds buoyed by Brexit risks, but prone to inflation burn REUTERS.COM 11:40