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British embarrassment over asking for tap water in bars fuels plastic bottle waste – survey GUARDIAN.CO.UK 05:43
Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels GUARDIAN.CO.UK 12:43
Falling costs, new revenues fuel Britain's big battery boom REUTERS.COM 11:02
Wells Fargos Possible Job Cuts Fuel Wall Street Analyst Debates BLOOMBERG.COM 10:29
Biofuels: could agave, hemp and saltbush be the fuels of the future? GUARDIAN.CO.UK 01:44
Mexican Fuel Importers Weigh Risk After Thefts Trigger Bloodbath BLOOMBERG.COM 23:16
World's Dirtiest Fuel Seen Holding Out Even as Ships Clean Up BLOOMBERG.COM 22:29
U.S. Democratic senators seek probe into Icahn’s biofuel credit dealings REUTERS.COM 17:28
Cleaner Fuel Hoard Seen Rising as Nations Grapple With Pollution BLOOMBERG.COM 07:16
Western Shoppers Are Fueling a Revival for Made-in-Asia Goods BLOOMBERG.COM 22:29
50 MPs back fight to divest parliament pension fund of fossil fuels GUARDIAN.CO.UK 16:30
Ukraine seeks billion dollar investments to fuel fragile economy FT.COM 01:04
Trump Tax Cuts Could Fuel Animal Spirits in Corporate Bonds BLOOMBERG.COM 21:29
Burundi: Fuel Shortage Still Unsolved, Say Bujumbura Residents ALLAFRICA.COM 09:45
Facebook's Social Network Fuels Growth as Ad Slowdown Looms BLOOMBERG.COM 20:54
The U.S. Auto Industry Needs Fuel-Efficiency Gains To Remain Globally Competitive HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 18:42
Leave fossil fuels buried to prevent climate change, study urges GUARDIAN.CO.UK 13:31
Burundi: Fuel Shortage Adds to Burundi's Woes ALLAFRICA.COM 07:19
Weight Watchers Surges After Oprah Effect Helps Fuel Earnings BLOOMBERG.COM 21:16
Wall St. eyes Apple and Facebook to fuel new leg of tech rally REUTERS.COM 17:02
Anthony Joshua: fighting for Britain but fuelled by Nigeria | Chibundu Onuzo GUARDIAN.CO.UK 15:56
US-Led Coalition Destroys 12 Daesh Fuel Tankers Near Deir Ez-Zor EN.RIAN.RU 13:41
Oil Trades Near One-Month Low as U.S. Fuel Supplies Seen Rising BLOOMBERG.COM 08:03
Saudi Aramco Boosts Fuel-Trading in Fight for Asia, Africa Sales BLOOMBERG.COM 20:03
Senate Democrats Introduce Bill To Completely Ditch Fossil Fuels By 2050 HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 18:32
Africa: Africa's Natural Resources Fuel Industrialization ALLAFRICA.COM 08:57
Angola: Governor Suggests Fuel Line for Agriculture ALLAFRICA.COM 07:18
Burundi: Fuel Shortage Far From Being Worked Out in Burundi ALLAFRICA.COM 06:05
Bernie Sanders backs bold new plan to eliminate use of fossil fuels by 2050 GUARDIAN.CO.UK 18:18
Harvard 'pausing' investments in some fossil fuels GUARDIAN.CO.UK 14:43