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Justin Trudeau A 'Stunning Hypocrite' On Climate Change, Says Top Environmentalist HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 14:58
> 178 hours
Humans on the verge of causing Earth’s fastest climate change in 50m years | Dana Nuccitelli GUARDIAN.CO.UK 10:04
> 182 hours
Rwanda: How Ruzibiza Is Winning the Effects of Climate Change ALLAFRICA.COM 06:44
> 196 hours
Theresa May urged to honour climate and wildlife commitments GUARDIAN.CO.UK 16:43
> 199 hours
House Democrat Fact-Checks Science Committee’s Climate Nonsense HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 23:06
Middle East, CNN, Syria, climate change, Plano, gas, gasoline, Freedom Caucus, Affordable Care Act DALLASNEWS.COM 21:00
Joe Barton faces tough questions about health care, climate change at Mansfield town hall DALLASNEWS.COM 22:39
7 Reasons Conservatives Should Support Climate Change Solutions HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 14:06
Mayoral Candidate Follows Up Climate Change Skepticism With Green Energy Pledge HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 22:06
German Solar Business Climate Rises Most Since 2010, Survey Says BLOOMBERG.COM 16:41
China Offers to Talk on Climate With U.S. as Trump Seeks Exit BLOOMBERG.COM 14:41
Trump Faces Showdown With G-7 Over Climate Stance Next Month BLOOMBERG.COM 22:41
How Climate Change Could Make Flying A Whole Lot Worse HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 19:32
Scientists Fear Climate Data Gap as Trump Aims at Satellites NYTIMES.COM 18:13
Two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef is bleached from climate change REDORBIT.COM 17:05
US scuppers G7 joint statement on climate change FT.COM 16:55
Climate Change Is Ruining Farmers' Lives, But Only A Few Will Admit It HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 09:58
Climate change action is good for the economy – and Britain is the proof | Michael Howard GUARDIAN.CO.UK 15:42
By rejecting $1bn for a pipeline, a First Nation has put Trudeau's climate plan on trial GUARDIAN.CO.UK 03:44
Singer's Activist Crusade at NRG Hits a Snag Over Climate Change BLOOMBERG.COM 00:02
Climate change could make flying suck even more REDORBIT.COM 18:44
Nine-year-old sues Indian government over climate change inaction GUARDIAN.CO.UK 14:18
Climate change: three of Australia’s big four banks reviewing exposure to fossil fuels GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:57
Trump Circle Touts Risky 'Climate Engineering' HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 19:06
World’s Largest Polluters Set To Meet By Rising Sea. Will Climate Come Up? HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 10:06
Trump Boosts Coal as China Takes the Lead on Climate Change BLOOMBERG.COM 08:28
Coalition of 17 states challenges Trump over climate change policy GUARDIAN.CO.UK 01:44
Climate change impacting ‘most’ species on Earth, even down to their genomes GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:56
‘Disaster alley’: Australia could be set to receive new wave of climate refugees GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:17
Federal Workers Union Slams Trump Climate Order As 'Assault' On Public Health HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 18:18