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> twelve hours
This spring, fight for our precious planet and join the climate march | Eve Ensler GUARDIAN.CO.UK 14:30
> 89 hours
Rivers vanishing into thin air: this is what the climate crisis looks like | David Suzuki GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:16
Degas and Constable and McTaggart: this week’s best UK exhibitions GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:43
> 94 hours
India Plans Auctions for 4 Gigawatts of Wind Power This FY BLOOMBERG.COM 04:41
> 199 hours
Cramer's lightning round: This pharma stock is suffering a 'death of a thousand cuts' CNBC.COM 00:01
How United Airlines' CEO dug this hole for himself DALLASNEWS.COM 14:39
Yes, we’re letting diesel cars choke our kids. Here’s how we got in this mess | Iain Reeve GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:42
This high-tech robot can help prevent oil and gas pipeline spills CNBC.COM 13:53
This is How Riyadh's Bellicose Threats Against Iran Can Backfire on Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 09:01
This Day in Trump, Day 77: U.S. missiles target Syria, China comes to Mar-a-Lago, Senate goes nuclear DALLASNEWS.COM 08:52
Mexican Bureaucrats Outsmart Wall Street Oil Traders: Five Things We Learned This Week BLOOMBERG.COM 00:41
This Day in Trump, Day 77: U.S. missiles target Syria, China comes to Mar-a-Lago, Senate goes nuclear DALLASNEWS.COM 23:39
This Day in Trump, Day 76: Outrage at Syria gas attack, Bannon demoted, flip-flop on border wall DALLASNEWS.COM 00:26
Who'd want to dump Australia's nuclear waste here? Well, this guy GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:30
This confidence boost may be the starting pistol on Iraq's road to becoming a market economy CNBC.COM 17:27
Listen To This Catholic Priest Poke Holes In Trump's 'America First' Climate Plan HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 19:06
Venezuela announces a new exchange rate — but this one probably won't matter, either CNBC.COM 18:26
War in This Mideast Country is 'Becoming a PR Disaster for Saudi Arabia, US' EN.RIAN.RU 17:01