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> 136 hours
France Must Commit to Nuclear Power, Int'l Cooperation in Space - Cheminade EN.RIAN.RU 10:40
> 171 hours
Naval power: Mauritius looks to Perth base for renewable energy solutions GUARDIAN.CO.UK 22:56
> 176 hours
California utility launches first hybrid power systems AP.ORG 18:03
> 181 hours
First Battery-Natural Gas Power Plant Unveiled in California BLOOMBERG.COM 13:41
> 185 hours
Tanzania: Form Six Student Invents Solar Powered Robot ALLAFRICA.COM 09:31
> 199 hours
Solar Power Now Costs as Much as Thermal Power In India EN.RIAN.RU 10:40
Apple Says Three More Suppliers to Use Solely Renewable Power BLOOMBERG.COM 17:54
India Gets Record Low Bid to Build Solar Power, Minister Says BLOOMBERG.COM 13:15
Jeep to reveal 707-horsepower SUV CNN.COM 02:39
South Africa: Country's Controversial Nuclear Power Plans ALLAFRICA.COM 05:18
Even A Museum Dedicated To Coal Is Powering Itself On Renewable Energy HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 05:58
With More Bang for the Buck, Renewables Providing Most New Power BLOOMBERG.COM 14:28
India Wind Power Primed for a Third Straight Record, Suzlon Says BLOOMBERG.COM 17:41
Switch from nuclear to coal-fired power linked to low birth weight in US region GUARDIAN.CO.UK 15:56
Russia, climate change, clean power plan, wind energy, George Orwell DALLASNEWS.COM 00:00
UK Airports, Nuclear Power Plants Put on Terror Alert EN.RIAN.RU 02:53
Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy, in Blow to Nuclear Power NYTIMES.COM 07:39
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power trailer: climate change has new villain – video GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:04
Freedom Caucus, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Obamacare, Oncor, solar power, Meals on Wheels DALLASNEWS.COM 23:26
Trump Sets Stage for Power Market Fight With Climate Rollback BLOOMBERG.COM 19:54
More U.S. States Embracing Batteries to Store Renewable Power BLOOMBERG.COM 15:41
UAE Sees $192 Billion Savings in Switch to Green Power From Gas BLOOMBERG.COM 12:15