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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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British tampons and nappies set to fuel power stations GUARDIAN.CO.UK 05:17
> 199 hours
How an Indigenous renewable energy alliance aims to cut power costs and disadvantage GUARDIAN.CO.UK 22:04
A Wind Power Plant That Could Sit on Top of Your Office BLOOMBERG.COM 17:28
Australia floats $1.5 billion hydro upgrade to help plug power gap CNBC.COM 01:40
Construction Begins on Iran's Bushehr-2 Nuclear Power Plant- Rosatom EN.RIAN.RU 13:40
Renewables roadshow: how Daylesford's community-owned windfarm took back the power GUARDIAN.CO.UK 00:04
Renewables roadshow – Daylesford: 'The windfarm is a symbol of our community' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 00:04
Why a gas generator, South Australia? There are better options to lower power prices | Tristan Edis GUARDIAN.CO.UK 21:04
In Ky. coal country, a potential embrace of nuclear power AP.ORG 05:42
South Australia taps new gas plant, batteries to fix power crisis REUTERS.COM 01:14
SA to spend $500m on Australia's largest battery storage and gas-fired power plant – as it happened GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:43
Turnbull under pressure as gas supply takes centre stage in power crisis GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:04
Troubled Nuclear Builder Seen Best Fit for Asian Power Ambitions BLOOMBERG.COM 01:41
Want to Sell More Wind, Solar Power? Find Corporate Buyers BLOOMBERG.COM 14:15
Solar Sparkle: India’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant Begins Work EN.RIAN.RU 12:40
Exclusive: SunPower puts large Chilean solar plant up for sale - sources REUTERS.COM 20:27
Wind Power Blows Through Nuclear, Coal as Costs Plunge at Sea BLOOMBERG.COM 01:54
Solar power growth leaps by 50% worldwide thanks to US and China GUARDIAN.CO.UK 12:04
Solar Power May Get Boost From Africa's Biggest Oil Exporter BLOOMBERG.COM 04:54
North American cross-border energy trade is powerful despite uncertainty of NAFTA CNBC.COM 15:14
Zambia: Govt Completes Solar Power Deal ALLAFRICA.COM 09:44
Pacific Island Dream of Power And Tuna Rests on Gas It Can't Use BLOOMBERG.COM 21:15
China power struggle creates commodity snakes and ladders FT.COM 13:55