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> 160 hours
Saudi Arabia plans warm welcome for Trump in effort to strengthen US ties GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:56
> 165 hours
China Plans to Open Up Commodity Trading to Foreigners to Bring Down Prices BLOOMBERG.COM 02:29
> 180 hours
India's Second-Biggest Gas Retailer Plans Buyouts for Expansion BLOOMBERG.COM 11:16
> 193 hours
Concern as Sudan leader wanted for war crimes plans Saudi trip alongside Trump GUARDIAN.CO.UK 22:04
> 199 hours
Aramco Plans at Least 10 Energy Deals During Trump Visit BLOOMBERG.COM 16:42
Swedish Riksbank Plans Revamp of Inflation Targeting Regime BLOOMBERG.COM 10:42
BHP chief defends plans as Elliott renews criticism of oil business FT.COM 10:29
Saudi Aramco Makes Leadership Changes Ahead of IPO Plans BLOOMBERG.COM 05:03
South Africa Accepts Nuclear Plant Ruling, Plans to Start Over BLOOMBERG.COM 10:42
South Africa: Zuma's Nuclear Plans Thwarted - for Now ALLAFRICA.COM 15:05
EU Plans to Hand Over Control of Euratom Nuclear Waste on UK Soil to London EN.RIAN.RU 20:15
Brussels plans to saddle UK with EU nuclear waste FT.COM 08:49
Brussels plans to saddle UK with EU nuclear waste FT.COM 08:49
Kazakh Oil Major Plans IPO, But Central Bank Will Keep Its Stake BLOOMBERG.COM 18:40
South Africa: Time for Sanity and Clarity On SA's Nuclear Energy Plans ALLAFRICA.COM 11:32
Why Russia's Gazprom Plans to Slash Volumes of Its Gas Transit Through Ukraine EN.RIAN.RU 14:53
South Africa Nuclear Plans Stalled as Court Rules Process Unlawful BLOOMBERG.COM 09:41
South Africa: Nuclear - the Trillion Rand Deal Our Children Will Pay for ALLAFRICA.COM 12:18
South Africa: Nuclear Deal - Court Puts the Brakes On Deal ALLAFRICA.COM 15:31
South Africa nuclear deal with Russia ruled unlawful FT.COM 15:55