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Gazprom to receive funding for Nord Stream 2 pipeline FT.COM 16:29
> 135 hours
Nigeria’s oil industry swaps pipelines for barges FT.COM 11:03
Energy Transfer's Latest Pipeline Woe Is a 50,000-Barrel Spill BLOOMBERG.COM 11:02
> 138 hours
Dakota Access Pipeline, Chinese Demand and OPEC Cuts to Boost Oil Prices EN.RIAN.RU 08:14
> 199 hours
Possible cost of Made in USA pipelines: Higher prices, delays and canceled projects CNBC.COM 14:27
Turkey Sees No Need for Cyprus to Approve Israel Gas Pipeline BLOOMBERG.COM 12:54
German Bundestag Supports Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Project EN.RIAN.RU 14:53
Greece Interested in Construction of Pipeline Supplying Russian Gas to Europe EN.RIAN.RU 23:40
Money Pit? EU's Billions Mysteriously Miss Ukraine's Gas Pipeline System EN.RIAN.RU 07:53
Hilcorp Discovers Alaska's Cook Inlet Gas Pipeline Leak Origin EN.RIAN.RU 06:40
China Opens Delayed Myanmar Oil Pipeline to Get Mideast Crude Faster BLOOMBERG.COM 05:41
China, Myanmar Sign Historic Deal on Oil Pipeline After Decade of Talks EN.RIAN.RU 05:14
China and Myanmar open long-delayed oil pipeline FT.COM 09:29
Pipeline Built to Survive Extremes Can't Bear Slow Flow of Oil BLOOMBERG.COM 02:28
Denmark proposes law change to block Gazprom pipeline FT.COM 09:55
By rejecting $1bn for a pipeline, a First Nation has put Trudeau's climate plan on trial GUARDIAN.CO.UK 03:44
This high-tech robot can help prevent oil and gas pipeline spills CNBC.COM 13:53
Germany Poised to Beat Poland in Rift Over Russian Gas Pipeline to Europe EN.RIAN.RU 08:14
Minnesota House wants oil pipeline to skirt regulator AP.ORG 01:16
Nord Stream 2 AG Applies for Permit in Germany to Build Gas Pipeline EN.RIAN.RU 15:53
Brazil's black market pipeline: Gangs hijack Petrobras' oil, fuel REUTERS.COM 05:27
Pipeline owner says Alaska spill was less than 3 gallons AP.ORG 03:03
Alaska oil pipeline leak stopped, threat to wildlife unclear AP.ORG 14:16
BP Sells Key North Sea Pipeline System to Ineos for $250 Million BLOOMBERG.COM 07:41
BP sells Forties North Sea pipeline to Ineos BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 08:00
Texas Drillers Face Threat of Too Much Oil, Too Few Pipelines BLOOMBERG.COM 09:41
Russia Ready to Support Gas Pipeline Project to Japan Despite No Specific Plans EN.RIAN.RU 09:53
After court battles and protests, oil now flowing through ETP's Dakota Access pipeline DALLASNEWS.COM 18:39