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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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> one hour
Russia's Oil Cuts Won't Be So Easy If OPEC Deal Is Extended BLOOMBERG.COM 01:28
> eight hours
Alberta's Energy Minister Sees Glass Half-Full in Oil-Sands Deals BLOOMBERG.COM 18:15
> twelve hours
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble: why ultra-low mortgage rates are dangerous | Jonn Elledge GUARDIAN.CO.UK 14:16
Halliburton gains from rising oil well completions in North America REUTERS.COM 13:53
> fourteen hours
Uganda: Why Logistics Industry Is Looking At Oil and Beyond ALLAFRICA.COM 12:44
> seventeen hours
French election rally; China stocks plunge; Oil stabilizes CNN.COM 09:14
> 21 hours
Oil Rises as OPEC Committee Backs Extending Cuts, Dollar Drops BLOOMBERG.COM 05:15
> 22 hours
Oil recovers some ground, rise in U.S. drilling caps gains REUTERS.COM 04:27
> 28 hours
Space May Be Next Frontier for Earth's Crude Oil Giants: Analyst BLOOMBERG.COM 22:28
> 34 hours
Oil spills: Legacy of the Torrey Canyon GUARDIAN.CO.UK 16:31
> 37 hours
Oil Leak Detected After Ship Hits Quay on Spanish Island EN.RIAN.RU 13:27
> 39 hours
New questions for Goldman-backed oil venture FT.COM 11:16
> 53 hours
Canadian oil firm pulls out of national park in Peru's Amazon GUARDIAN.CO.UK 21:30
> 73 hours
Oil dives below $50 as confidence in Opec wavers FT.COM 01:16
> 76 hours
Mexico Seeks New Home for Its Oil Amid Weak Gulf Coast Demand BLOOMBERG.COM 22:02
> 77 hours
Exxon Mobil denied permission to resume Russian oil work BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 20:52
> 78 hours
U.S. Drilling Growth Shows First Signs of Cooling Off at $50 Oil BLOOMBERG.COM 20:02
> 79 hours
The ‘peaceful’ decade that set up our current turmoil | Jonathan Freedland GUARDIAN.CO.UK 18:55
> 80 hours
Russian Energy Ministry Considering Extension of Oil Output Cuts Deal - Minister EN.RIAN.RU 18:27
Trump denies Exxon permission to drill for oil in Russia CNN.COM 18:27
Oil dives below $50 as confidence in Opec wavers FT.COM 18:16
> 82 hours
Can Carolyn King Arnold spoil Dwaine Caraway's 'return' to Dallas City Hall? DALLASNEWS.COM 15:52
> 83 hours
Russia Lost Global Leadership in Oil Output to Saudi Arabia in February EN.RIAN.RU 15:27
> 84 hours
Syria Starts Reaching Contracts With Russian Oil, Gas Companies - Assad EN.RIAN.RU 14:40
> 86 hours
As Mideast looks past oil, spotlight shines on entrepreneurs AP.ORG 12:29
> 87 hours
Russia Reduces Oil Production by 250,000 Barrels Daily in April - Novak EN.RIAN.RU 10:53
> 88 hours
Oil Set for Biggest Weekly Loss Since Early March on U.S. Supply BLOOMBERG.COM 09:54
> 90 hours
German Economy Accelerates in Q1 Despite Rising Political Turmoil in EU EN.RIAN.RU 08:14
> 93 hours
Nigeria: World Oil Demand to Rise - OPEC ALLAFRICA.COM 05:44
> 94 hours
World's top rig builder Keppel says no rescue in sight for offshore oil services CNBC.COM 04:27