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> nineteen hours
Nigeria: Demand for Gas in Nigeria Outstrips Supply ALLAFRICA.COM 07:31
> 115 hours
Africa: Two Oil Giants Could Face Trial in Italy Over Nigerian Deal ALLAFRICA.COM 07:32
> 118 hours
Shell and Eni in ‘unholy mess’ over Nigerian oil FT.COM 04:16
> 131 hours
OPEC won't be the reason Nigeria gets out of recession, says finance minister CNBC.COM 15:14
> 157 hours
Nigeria: Unremitted Oil Revenue - NEITI Wants Nigerian Govt to Revisit Transfer of Oil Asset to NPDC ALLAFRICA.COM 12:57
> 160 hours
Angola: Nigeria Loses Africa's Top Oil Producer Position to Angola ALLAFRICA.COM 10:31
> 162 hours
Nigeria: Exclusive - Chanchangi Airlines, Nigeria Industrial Court Officials in Alleged Plot to Deny Ex-Pilot's Dues ALLAFRICA.COM 08:31
Nigeria: Local Content - Nigeria Retains $5bn of Yearly Spend in Oil and Gas Sector ALLAFRICA.COM 07:57
> 199 hours
Shell Denies Knowledge of 'Murky' Oil Deal 'Robbing' Nigerian People EN.RIAN.RU 16:27
Shell Knew Nigeria Ex-Minister's Company Would Get Oil-Deal Cash BLOOMBERG.COM 13:41
Nigeria: Nigeria, Others to Export 1.48 Million Barrels of Oil to China ALLAFRICA.COM 12:31
Nigeria: Shell, Eni Deny Misconduct in Nigeria After Alleged Improper Payment ALLAFRICA.COM 08:44
Leaked emails raise pressure on Shell over Nigeria FT.COM 17:42
Oil Giants Caught Bribing Nigerian Money Launderer In Major Scandal HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 16:32
Eni, Shell deny wrongdoing in Nigeria after allegations of improper payment CNBC.COM 13:14
Recording Puts Shell’s Nigerian Oil Deal Under a Harsh Light NYTIMES.COM 12:00
Kuwait Is Best Off, Nigeria Worst in Fitch's 2017 Oil Break-Even BLOOMBERG.COM 11:15
Nigeria: NCAA Talks Tough, Says No Going Back On Fee Directive to Nigeria's Domestic Airlines ALLAFRICA.COM 06:57
Nigeria: Whistleblower Accuses Shell of Concealing Data On Nigerian Oil Spills ALLAFRICA.COM 06:57
Nigeria: NCAA Fines Airline N9.5 Million for Violating Nigerian Airspace ALLAFRICA.COM 06:05
Nigeria: NCAA Sanctions Airline for Violation of Airspace ALLAFRICA.COM 10:05
Nigeria: Geologist Hired By Shell Says Firm Concealed Data On Nigerian Oil Spill ALLAFRICA.COM 05:31