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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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> 136 hours
Uber president Jeff Jones quits as turmoil continues REUTERS.COM 22:01
> 194 hours
Physical Oil Market Weakness Hits $50 Billion Hedge Funds' Bet BLOOMBERG.COM 12:02
> 198 hours
Toshiba Needs to Contain Its Nuclear Problems WSJ.COM 07:52
> 199 hours
Britons' Drinking Habits are Ginning Up the Inflation Data BLOOMBERG.COM 03:41
Texas sues its former governor, now energy secretary, over nuclear waste storage DALLASNEWS.COM 15:39
OPEC deal looks wobbly as Saudi Arabia's millennial prince visits White House CNBC.COM 21:01
Timor-Leste could be 'architect of its own demise', gas treaty inquiry told GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:17
Ethiopia: Food Inflation Hits Nine-Month High As Vegetable Prices Soar ALLAFRICA.COM 10:57
Saudi king visits Japan, seeks help on diversifying economy AP.ORG 02:42
Saudi King Visits Japan, Seeks Help on Diversifying Economy BLOOMBERG.COM 04:15
Pay boosts for Shell and Rolls-Royce bosses despite profits slide BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 18:39
BOE Keeps Its 2% Inflation Target After Speculation About Remit BLOOMBERG.COM 14:41
For I.P.O., Saudi Oil Company May Have to Give Up Some of Its Secrets NYTIMES.COM 21:52
How S Korea's THAAD May Prompt China to 'Boost Its Tactical Nuclear Weapons' EN.RIAN.RU 17:53
BP seeks growth by polishing its US gas assets FT.COM 16:16
Volvo Revamps Its Best-Selling SUV as Carmaker Considers an IPO BLOOMBERG.COM 10:28
Pipe dream? China faces daunting task to suck in gas and wean itself off coal REUTERS.COM 23:14
Euro-Area Inflation Hits 2 Percent as ECB Debates Policy Stance BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
US biofuel lobby group hits out at ally in dispute FT.COM 14:29
Smerch Designer Explains Why Kiev Can't Produce Its Own Shells for the System EN.RIAN.RU 14:14
Pemex hits output target for first time in 5 years FT.COM 20:03
Nigeria: Industry Dynamics Top Agenda As Opec Sec-Gen Visits Nigeria ALLAFRICA.COM 10:44
Centrica CEO Says Energy Price Limits May Backfire on Government BLOOMBERG.COM 06:41