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> 155 hours
IMF Sees Inflation in Russia on Track to Meet Central Bank’s 4% Target in 2017 EN.RIAN.RU 12:41
> 171 hours
Mexico Unexpectedly Raises Rate to Avoid Inflation Spreading BLOOMBERG.COM 20:42
> 176 hours
Another Brexit Surprise: UK Retail Rebounds in April, Inflation Eases EN.RIAN.RU 15:02
> 199 hours
UK wage growth lags inflation for first time since mid-2014 BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 11:00
El-Sisi Pledges More Aid as Egypt's Poor Struggle With Inflation BLOOMBERG.COM 09:42
UK inflation jump means the 2017 voter is getting poorer | Larry Elliott GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:30
Nigeria: Again, Nigeria Inflation Declines ALLAFRICA.COM 10:45
Swedish Riksbank Plans Revamp of Inflation Targeting Regime BLOOMBERG.COM 10:42
Energy price rises help drive UK inflation up to 2.7% GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:30
Pound Advances Versus Dollar as Traders Eye U.K. Inflation Data BLOOMBERG.COM 08:55
U.K. Inflation Resumes Ascent as Air Fares, Energy Prices Rise BLOOMBERG.COM 08:55
UK inflation rate at highest level since September 2013 BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 08:39
FTSE 100 closes above 7,500 for first time as UK inflation jumps to 2.7% – as it happened GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:04
RBA Plots Steady Course as Inflation, Economic Growth on Track BLOOMBERG.COM 02:42
U.S. Stats Officials Say Measurements of GDP, Inflation Are Off BLOOMBERG.COM 23:16
US Inflation Surges as Struggling Retailers Post Upbeat Sales EN.RIAN.RU 14:54
Holy Smokes! California Cigarette Tax Fuels Inflation: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 20:42
Evans Says Risks to Fed Inflation Outlook Still on Downside BLOOMBERG.COM 16:16
Bond Traders' Inflation Bets Slammed Most This Year on Data Miss BLOOMBERG.COM 16:16
Annualized Inflation in Russia Expected to Decrease to 4% in May - Minister EN.RIAN.RU 16:15
Rebound in U.S. Consumer Prices Shows Inflation Stabilizing BLOOMBERG.COM 12:55
Inflation in Venezuela Stands at 93% So Far in 2017 EN.RIAN.RU 02:41