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> fourteen hours
Inflation puts the brakes on Britain's economic activity GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:42
> 53 hours
IMF Flags Interest Rates as Key Tool to Curb Egypt Inflation BLOOMBERG.COM 15:41
> 79 hours
Weak Canadian Inflation Backs Poloz's View of Slack Economy BLOOMBERG.COM 13:02
> 82 hours
S&P 500 Profit Generators Under Threat From Peak Inflation BLOOMBERG.COM 10:28
> 83 hours
UK retail sales fall at fastest rate in seven years as inflation bites - as it happened GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:03
> 87 hours
Angola Government Sees More Growth and Slower Inflation in 2017 BLOOMBERG.COM 05:54
> 103 hours
Consumers Are Always Wrong About Inflation. But Theyre Worth Listening To BLOOMBERG.COM 12:54
> 122 hours
U.S. economy shows only modest signs of inflation pressures: Fed REUTERS.COM 18:27
> 131 hours
South Africa's Inflation Rate Falls to Six-Month Low in March BLOOMBERG.COM 09:02
> 134 hours
Fed June Hike Odds Below 50% After Inflation Expectations Tumble BLOOMBERG.COM 06:28
> 179 hours
Zimbabwe: Annual Inflation Goes Up ALLAFRICA.COM 09:18
> 181 hours
Nigeria: Experts Explain High Prices of Food Despite Inflation Drop ALLAFRICA.COM 07:18
> 199 hours
For Inflation, It's All About Oil WSJ.COM 13:00
Falling Inflation, Retail Sales Bolster Fed's Go-Slow Approach BLOOMBERG.COM 17:15
U.S. retail sales, inflation data highlight weak first quarter growth REUTERS.COM 16:40
Dollar's Fall Shows Market's Reaction to Inflation Miss: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 15:28
U.S. labor market tightening, inflation trending higher REUTERS.COM 16:40
Nigeria: Inflation Declines By 0.52 Percent in March ALLAFRICA.COM 12:44
Inflation Is Back, But Don't Worry WSJ.COM 05:13
Indian Inflation Rises Less Than Expected on Food BLOOMBERG.COM 13:02
China's Consumer Inflation Heats Up to 0.9% in March EN.RIAN.RU 06:53
China Producer Inflation Cools for First Time in Seven Months NYTIMES.COM 04:00
China's Factory Inflation Eases as Commodities Rebound Weakens BLOOMBERG.COM 02:15
UK inflation stays at three-year high of 2.3% GUARDIAN.CO.UK 17:55
Student loan interest rate set to rise by a third after UK inflation surge GUARDIAN.CO.UK 17:42
Tanzania: Food Prices Push Up Inflation to 6.4% ALLAFRICA.COM 12:18
Inflation is only going one way. Let's hope interest rates don't follow | Larry Elliott GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:55
U.K. Economy Watchers Look to the Moon to Understand Inflation BLOOMBERG.COM 11:54
Poloz Faces Core Inflation Conundrum as Standing Pat Gets Harder BLOOMBERG.COM 10:02
Rwanda: Rwanda's Inflation Rate Eases to 7.7 Percent in March ALLAFRICA.COM 08:57