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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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How The Buddha of Suburbia let me in to a wider world | Nikesh Shukla GUARDIAN.CO.UK 13:16
> 63 hours
How Saudis Cut Oil Output Without Really Cutting WSJ.COM 18:52
> 74 hours
Heres How UBS Wealth Sees the Aramco IPO Changing Middle East Markets BLOOMBERG.COM 07:54
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Commodity Deals Show China Flexing Muscles in Trading Clout Hunt BLOOMBERG.COM 02:02
> 92 hours
How the New Il-96-400M Airliner Can Help Revive Russia's Civil Aviation Industry EN.RIAN.RU 14:27
> 140 hours
Oil Producers Comply With OPEC Deal to Cut Output, but for How Long? NYTIMES.COM 13:52
> 162 hours
The UK's inflation foot soldiers: how the ONS measures the CPI GUARDIAN.CO.UK 16:17
> 199 hours
Exclusive: OPEC figures show over 90 pct compliance with supply cut - sources REUTERS.COM 12:14
How online resources are fueling the Trump resistance CNN.COM 21:40
19,444 gallons of water in the desert: how volunteers save lives at the US border GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:17
How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation | Helen Caldicott GUARDIAN.CO.UK 01:45
BP profits show signs of recovery BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 07:26
How Cory Bernardi was inspired to push climate denial from US conservative groups GUARDIAN.CO.UK 04:31
How blind is this Texas oil regulator's blind trust, managed by his brother-in-law? DALLASNEWS.COM 20:39
New Iran Sanctions Show Nuclear Deal Not in Best Interest of US - White House EN.RIAN.RU 17:27
ICE Hires Consultant to Review How Brent Oil Prices Are Calculated BLOOMBERG.COM 16:41
How to Fuel the New Movement FCNP.COM 23:45
Op-Ed: How Saudi Arabia can cozy up to Trump CNBC.COM 18:53
£500-a-bird! How falcons get first-class airline treatment GUARDIAN.CO.UK 14:28
Here’s how Trump’s energy policies may impact oil output, prices CNBC.COM 04:40
Explainer: How would the Senate's 'nuclear option' affect Trump Supreme Court nominee? DALLASNEWS.COM 17:52
Trump gives an inaccurate explanation of how pipelines are built and shipped CNBC.COM 21:01
How the airlines compare on legroom CNN.COM 16:14
Oil Shipments Show That OPEC Is Sticking to Its Cuts BLOOMBERG.COM 17:40
How Russia sold its oil jewel - without saying who bought it CNBC.COM 10:40
How Russia sold its oil jewel: without saying who bought it REUTERS.COM 19:14
So you want to be a climate campaigner? Here's how GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:30
Adapting to climate change means adapting to Trump – here's how | Dr Aditya V Bahadur GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:03