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> 47 hours
Q&A: Forests soak up greenhouse gases, so how do we ensure their protection? GUARDIAN.CO.UK 15:04
> 86 hours
Trump White House Ponders Fresh Sanctions Against Nuclear North Korea EN.RIAN.RU 23:40
> 104 hours
Zimbabwe: 300,000 Households to Get Solar Power ALLAFRICA.COM 05:57
> 125 hours
19 House Republicans call on their party to do something about climate change | Dana Nuccitelli GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:05
> 199 hours
White House calls climate change funding 'a waste of your money' – video GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:56
German greenhouse gas emissions rise FT.COM 17:03
UK climate targets 'will raise household energy bills by £100 in a decade' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 05:04
17 House Republicans Try To Make Donald Trump Care About Climate Change HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 18:45
US, Saudi Arabia to Develop $200Bln Investment Program - White House EN.RIAN.RU 14:14
White House Set To Scrap EPA Assessment Of Fuel Efficiency Standards HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 08:19
OPEC deal looks wobbly as Saudi Arabia's millennial prince visits White House CNBC.COM 21:01
Toshiba pushes sale of nuclear unit Westinghouse as crisis deepens REUTERS.COM 10:01
Toshiba looking to sell Westinghouse nuclear business BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 07:52
Troubled Toshiba plans to sell U.S. nuclear unit CNN.COM 09:39
Top Saudi Prince to Meet Trump in White House Visit BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
Trump's biggest obstacle in pushing clean coal could be his own White House CNBC.COM 18:01
Exclusive: With India visit, Westinghouse CEO keeps nuclear project alive REUTERS.COM 12:40
White House Targets Climate Change Programs In Proposed EPA Cuts HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 01:19
Keystone pipeline can be made from non-US steel despite executive order, White House says CNBC.COM 21:14
White House Debates Icahn Plan Revamping Ethanol Rule BLOOMBERG.COM 15:02
Blue States Urge House to End Meddling on Exxon Climate Probes BLOOMBERG.COM 21:28