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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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> three hours
Passengers in viral airline videos have same lawyer AP.ORG 23:29
> 103 hours
Venezuelan Car Sales Have Plunged 99.4% From Their Peak BLOOMBERG.COM 19:15
> 124 hours
Toyota Hybrids May Have Finally Cracked China BLOOMBERG.COM 22:28
> 127 hours
Revealed: North Korea Could Have Far More Nuclear Warheads Than Estimated EN.RIAN.RU 19:14
> 156 hours
'Less Than One Percent' of Americans Have Gone Bonkers for Nuclear Bunkers EN.RIAN.RU 14:01
> 163 hours
Citi Sees Oil Surging $10 in Season to Have Faith in Commodities BLOOMBERG.COM 06:41
> 176 hours
Shale Plays May Have Put a 'Permanent Lid' on Crude Oil Prices EN.RIAN.RU 18:14
> 199 hours
Westinghouse Woes Have Nuclear Contract Workers Failing to Show BLOOMBERG.COM 21:15
United Passenger's Lawyer Says Airlines `Have Bullied Us' BLOOMBERG.COM 16:02
Mile High Snub: Dao Lawyer Says Airlines Have ‘Bullied’ Passengers for Years EN.RIAN.RU 19:01
The UK may have helped Syria make nerve gas – but lax controls mean we’ll never know | Andrew Smith GUARDIAN.CO.UK 13:29
Syrian air base strikes may have contributed to a 9 cent jump in gas prices CNBC.COM 13:14
Global Inflation Expectations May Have Passed Their Peak: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 18:41
Middle Eastern oil producers still have strong hand FT.COM 16:16
Rig firm Seadrill warns shares to have little value after restructuring CNBC.COM 11:01
We have no problem with the natural gas oversupply: Cheniere CNBC.COM 06:40
Climate Change Could Have A Serious Impact On Mental Health: Report HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 20:06
Major U.S. airlines have played their cards right, making banks a vital co-pilot DALLASNEWS.COM 17:39
Ghost in the Shell’s whitewashing: does Hollywood have an Asian problem? GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:04
Climate change: global reshuffle of wildlife will have huge impacts on humanity GUARDIAN.CO.UK 18:04
Top US coal boss Robert Murray: 'We do not have a climate change problem' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:17