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> 40 hours
General Electric signs 1 billion riyal deal to build gas turbines in Saudi Arabia REUTERS.COM 09:27
> 42 hours
Billionaire Ratcliffe's Ineos to Buy Dong's Oil and Gas Assets BLOOMBERG.COM 07:15
> 43 hours
Dong Energy sells oil and gas business to Ineos FT.COM 06:29
> 44 hours
East Africa: Region Attracts U.S.$3.4 Billion Investments As It Exploits Oil, Gas ALLAFRICA.COM 05:18
> 62 hours
BHP hires Barclays to divest U.S. shale gas assets: sources REUTERS.COM 11:27
> 77 hours
Will coal seam gas save Narrabri, or destroy it? – video GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:30
> 78 hours
BP revisits 1970s petrol station — but wants to step on the gas FT.COM 19:16
> 79 hours
Bird’s Nest & Light Fixture Cause West Falls Church Gas Station Fire FCNP.COM 18:19
> 86 hours
U.K. Gas Plunges as Cargoes of Fuel Sail to Oversupplied Europe BLOOMBERG.COM 10:41
> 95 hours
China Lovefest for U.S. Gas Begins as Trump Rolls Out Red Carpet BLOOMBERG.COM 02:16
> 126 hours
Trump Rules: How Rollbacks at Scott Pruitt’s E.P.A. Are a Boon to Oil and Gas NYTIMES.COM 19:39
> 132 hours
South Africa: Police Fire Teargas At Nehawu Protesters Outside University of Pretoria ALLAFRICA.COM 13:32
> 136 hours
South Africa: Authorities 'Rely Heavily' On Info From Illegal Miners After Gas Explosion ALLAFRICA.COM 09:06
> 158 hours
Cheap Gas Drilling Rouses Canada's Permian of the North BLOOMBERG.COM 10:42
> 159 hours
Gazprom to Adjust Gas Extraction Plan in 2017 Due to Demand Growth in EU EN.RIAN.RU 09:41
> 162 hours
Nigeria: Senate Holds Public Hearing On Gas Flaring Bill ALLAFRICA.COM 06:58
> 163 hours
Traders Brace for First Winter Without U.K.'s Biggest Gas Store BLOOMBERG.COM 06:29
> 166 hours
Exxon Mobil to invest $300 million for a share of Mexico's gasoline market DALLASNEWS.COM 03:13
> 173 hours
Markets at a glance: Top DFW stocks, plus oil and gas prices DALLASNEWS.COM 20:13
Conservatives commit to shale gas and electric cars FT.COM 19:55
> 177 hours
Germany Supports Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline EN.RIAN.RU 15:41
> 182 hours
India's Second-Biggest Gas Retailer Plans Buyouts for Expansion BLOOMBERG.COM 11:16