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> 84 hours
Syria Starts Reaching Contracts With Russian Oil, Gas Companies - Assad EN.RIAN.RU 14:40
Pyongyang drivers scramble as gas stations limit services AP.ORG 13:55
> 85 hours
Tanzania: Govt Invites Investors for Natural Gas Distribution ALLAFRICA.COM 12:57
> 90 hours
Degas and Constable and McTaggart: this week’s best UK exhibitions GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:43
Unforgettable review – Katherine Heigl goes gaslighting in a glossy erotic noir GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:29
> 99 hours
US Intelligence in ‘High Confusion" on Daesh, Gas Weapons EN.RIAN.RU 22:53
> 101 hours
EPA chief delays methane rule at behest of oil and gas firms AP.ORG 21:29
Why oil and gas pioneer George Mitchell was a conservationist DALLASNEWS.COM 21:26
> 105 hours
Wal-Mart Wants Suppliers to Eliminate a Gigaton of Greenhouse Gases by 2030 BLOOMBERG.COM 16:54
> 110 hours
Readers recommend playlist: songs about gases, from oxygen to helium GUARDIAN.CO.UK 12:04
> 113 hours
Natural Gas Moves to the Naughty List BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
> 115 hours
UK gas and electricity customers face price rise double whammy GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:56
> 123 hours
Ex-CIA Officer: Iraq Attack Confirms Daesh, Not Syria Regularly Uses Poison Gas EN.RIAN.RU 23:40
> 124 hours
CEOs of Gazprom, PetroVietnam Discuss Cooperation on Gas Power Generation EN.RIAN.RU 21:53
> 125 hours
Reliance on gas could lead to higher electricity bills, Climate Council warns GUARDIAN.CO.UK 21:05
> 130 hours
Oil Slips as U.S. Gasoline Stockpiles Climb, Crude Supplies Drop BLOOMBERG.COM 16:15
> 133 hours
Brookfield Buys Loblaw's Gas Stations for $402 Million BLOOMBERG.COM 13:15
> 135 hours
Mosul Gas Attack: US Army Not Ready for Daesh Chemical Guerilla Warfare in Iraq EN.RIAN.RU 10:53
> 137 hours
The Latest: Ford unveils 1st gasoline-electric hybrid AP.ORG 09:03
> 138 hours
Tanzania: Govt, Oil Firms' U.S$ 30 Billion Gas Export Deal 'Ready' ALLAFRICA.COM 08:18
> 145 hours
Daesh Uses Mustard Gas Against Iraqi Army Unit With US, Australian Experts EN.RIAN.RU 01:40
> 146 hours
Markets at a glance: Top 100 DFW stocks, oil and gas prices DALLASNEWS.COM 23:52