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> 80 hours
Burundi: Fuel Shortage Sparks Controversy Between Government Authorities Over Cause ALLAFRICA.COM 12:44
> 84 hours
Bonds Slump in India as Hawkish RBI Minutes Fuel Rate-Hike Talk BLOOMBERG.COM 08:15
> 106 hours
Trump Can't Stop California Bullet Train Fueled by New Bond Sale BLOOMBERG.COM 10:28
> 118 hours
Nobody at Home Can Make the Fuel Jokowi Wants His Nation to Use BLOOMBERG.COM 22:28
Climate change will fuel terrorism recruitment, report for German foreign office says GUARDIAN.CO.UK 22:17
> 124 hours
Toyota Puts Fuel-Cell Semi Truck to Test at Los Angeles Port BLOOMBERG.COM 16:15
> 199 hours
Hungarian Laws Fueling Protests Target Soros, Orban Tells Idok BLOOMBERG.COM 10:28
Spacecraft discovers possibility of alien life, then runs out of fuel GUARDIAN.CO.UK 18:29
Westbound LBJ Freeway shut down for hours after fuel tanker overturns DALLASNEWS.COM 13:26
Democrats Are Preparing A Bill To Completely Wean The U.S. Off Fossil Fuels By 2050 HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 10:06
Shale, Not Stock, Fuels the Wealthiest U.S. County BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
Hydrogen fuel cell cars face obstacle: few fueling stations AP.ORG 07:29
The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:17
Genesis Wows New York Auto Show With Futuristic Fuel Cell SUV BLOOMBERG.COM 21:54
Bezos Says Artificial Intelligence to Fuel Amazon's Success BLOOMBERG.COM 19:15
Nigeria: Averting Potential Threats to Fuel Supply ALLAFRICA.COM 14:18
If Theresa May really wants to protect refugees why does she fuel such hatred? | Aditya Chakrabortty GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:16
Nigeria: NNPC Calls for Calm As Fuel Queues Resurface in Abuja ALLAFRICA.COM 06:05
Asia Stocks Set to Drop as Caution Fuels Bond Gain: Markets Wrap BLOOMBERG.COM 23:02
Kenya: Take Firm Action On Rogue Fuel Dealers ALLAFRICA.COM 07:31
Eastbound I-30 shut down in Mesquite after 18-wheeler crash causes fuel spill DALLASNEWS.COM 21:39
Climate change: three of Australia’s big four banks reviewing exposure to fossil fuels GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:57
Yum China Soars After Pizza Hut Turnaround Fuels Earnings BLOOMBERG.COM 21:41
Nigeria: Kano Airport Fuel Drop On Fire ALLAFRICA.COM 10:44
Global Shipping Fleet Braces for Chaos of $60 Billion Fuel Shock BLOOMBERG.COM 02:41
Africa: Renewable Energy Sources Could Be Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels Within 10 Years - UN-Backed Report ALLAFRICA.COM 13:31
Fuel duty cut for diesel cars was wrong, says ex-chief science adviser GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:18
Brazil's black market pipeline: Gangs hijack Petrobras' oil, fuel REUTERS.COM 05:27
Shetland oil discovery fuels hopes for UK production FT.COM 15:16
Michael Flynn's Lobbying for Turkey Adding Fuel to the Fire EN.RIAN.RU 15:14