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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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> 46 hours
Brexit vote begins to bite as rising food and fuel bills hit retail sales GUARDIAN.CO.UK 12:04
> 48 hours
Tanzania: PPAA Upholds Ewura's Hire of Fuel Marking Firm ALLAFRICA.COM 10:41
> 52 hours
Two-car families pay £40 extra per month as fuel prices soar, says AA GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:16
> 59 hours
Judge Orders Release Of EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt's Fossil Fuel Emails HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 23:46
Two-car families pay £40 extra per month as fuel prices soar, says AA GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:05
> 63 hours
Automakers hope for break on fuel economy rules CNN.COM 19:27
> 90 hours
Zimbabwe's Central Bank Says Satellite TV Subscriptions Are Fueling Cash Shortage BLOOMBERG.COM 16:02
> 97 hours
Moscow Slams Atlantic Council's Report as 'Attempt to Add Fuel' to Syrian War EN.RIAN.RU 09:27
> 98 hours
Nigeria: No Need for Panic Buying of Fuel - State Oil Firm ALLAFRICA.COM 08:31
> 102 hours
Toyota to recall all 2,800 Mirai fuel cell cars on the road REUTERS.COM 04:40
> 114 hours
UK inflation rises to 1.8% spurred by weak pound and rising fuel costs GUARDIAN.CO.UK 16:43
> 123 hours
Toshiba fuels fear of crisis after delaying earnings report GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:43
> 124 hours
Workers' feelings of powerlessness fuelling anger, says jobs tsar GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:42
> 125 hours
China H-Share Rally Falters as Inflation Fuels Liquidity Concern BLOOMBERG.COM 05:28
> 144 hours
Kenya: Fuel Adulteration Cartel Operates Despite Crackdowns ALLAFRICA.COM 09:57
> 162 hours
Auto CEOs want Trump to order review of 2025 fuel rules REUTERS.COM 16:01
> 199 hours
East Africa: Middle Eastern Money, Religion Fuel Tensions in Horn ALLAFRICA.COM 12:19
Japan Is at Odds With Elon Musk Over Hydrogen Fuel Cells BLOOMBERG.COM 23:29
Instagram generation is fuelling UK food waste mountain, study finds GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:16
How online resources are fueling the Trump resistance CNN.COM 21:40
Health fund HCF divests from fossil fuels, saying industry harms members GUARDIAN.CO.UK 18:05
Nigeria: Collapse of Ibadan Depot Heightens Concern Over Fuel Shortages in South-West ALLAFRICA.COM 10:32
Oil fuels stocks rally, bond market pressure eases REUTERS.COM 09:27
Irving teen testifies that liquor fueled brother's rage in deadly beating of 83-year-old woman DALLASNEWS.COM 18:39
UK inflation 'to move beyond food and fuel' BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 13:00
Carlsberg Sees Higher Earnings in 2017 Fueled by Cost-Cutting BLOOMBERG.COM 06:41
Nigeria: Nigeria to Stop Fuel Importion By 2019 - Oil Minister ALLAFRICA.COM 04:44
Oil and gas could fuel an exciting ride this year FT.COM 04:02
Asia Inflation Surge Fueled by Currency Rout Thats Already Gone BLOOMBERG.COM 21:55
Barney Frank: Killing Dodd-Frank could fuel new 'crash' CNN.COM 17:27