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> eighteen hours
General election: Fallon says Tories would not rule out nuclear first strike and calls Corbyn 'security risk' - Politics live GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:42
> 78 hours
U.S. Drilling Growth Shows First Signs of Cooling Off at $50 Oil BLOOMBERG.COM 20:02
> 97 hours
Oil dives, sending U.S. crude below $50 for first time in two weeks REUTERS.COM 01:27
> 143 hours
First Dog on the Moon's guide to preparing for nuclear war. Are you ready? GUARDIAN.CO.UK 03:29
> 153 hours
Commodity Hedge Fund Blenheim Shakes Up Ownership for First Time BLOOMBERG.COM 17:41
> 155 hours
Malaysia Air Is First Airline to Track Planes With Satellites BLOOMBERG.COM 15:41
> 176 hours
California utility launches first hybrid power systems AP.ORG 18:03
> 181 hours
First Battery-Natural Gas Power Plant Unveiled in California BLOOMBERG.COM 13:41
> 199 hours
Pentagon Successfully Tests Upgraded B61-12 Nuclear Bomb on F-16 for First Time EN.RIAN.RU 14:27
Propane made with renewable process for the first time GUARDIAN.CO.UK 21:05
U.S. retail sales, inflation data highlight weak first quarter growth REUTERS.COM 16:40
Saudi Arabia borrows $9B with first Islamic bond sale CNN.COM 13:40
China Producer Inflation Cools for First Time in Seven Months NYTIMES.COM 04:00
China first-quarter auto sales strongest since 2014 despite tax cut rollback REUTERS.COM 07:01
By rejecting $1bn for a pipeline, a First Nation has put Trudeau's climate plan on trial GUARDIAN.CO.UK 03:44
Listen To This Catholic Priest Poke Holes In Trump's 'America First' Climate Plan HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 19:06
Oil retreats, set to become first quarter's worst-performing asset REUTERS.COM 14:40
Japan Inflation Registers First Back-to-Back Rise Since 2015 BLOOMBERG.COM 00:41
Spanish Inflation Cools for First Time in Almost a Year BLOOMBERG.COM 08:15
Dallas-based first officer dies after collapsing on American Airlines flight from DFW DALLASNEWS.COM 04:00
Libya's Biggest Port Loading First Oil Tanker Since Clashes BLOOMBERG.COM 11:15