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> seventeen hours
U.S. oilfield service firms lag shale recovery; old deals hold REUTERS.COM 05:53
> nineteen hours
Oil prices firm in Asia ahead of Opec meeting FT.COM 03:42
> 31 hours
Trump's proposed US oil reserve sale feels opportunistic, says CEO of global energy firm CNBC.COM 16:14
> 124 hours
U.S., Saudi firms sign tens of billions of dollars of deals as Trump visits REUTERS.COM 18:53
> 160 hours
Nigeria: State Oil Firm Finalises $6 Billion Worth of Oil-for-Product Swaps ALLAFRICA.COM 06:45
> 178 hours
Saudi Aramco to sign deals with U.S. firms during Trump visit: sources REUTERS.COM 13:15
Saudi Arabia, US to Sign Major Contracts During Trump's Visit - Saudi Minister EN.RIAN.RU 19:15
> 199 hours
Saudi Ministry Signs $5.4Mln Lobbying Deal With US Firm Ahead of Trump's Visit EN.RIAN.RU 14:54
German oil firm accused of withholding $900m from Libya GUARDIAN.CO.UK 13:17
German oil firm accused of withholding $900m from Libya GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:06
Saudi sale of the century lures foreign investment banks, PE firms REUTERS.COM 13:28
Nigeria: State Oil Firm to Resume Oil Search in Lake Chad ALLAFRICA.COM 06:19
Buffett's firm buys more airline stock in first quarter AP.ORG 22:55
Buffett's Firm Buys More Airline Stock in First Quarter BLOOMBERG.COM 00:42
Prosecutor's search of VW's dieselgate law firm was legal: court REUTERS.COM 09:54
Uganda: Power Firm Blames Power Outages On Climate Change ALLAFRICA.COM 09:06
IMF: Russian Economy on Road to Recovery Amid Firming Oil Prices EN.RIAN.RU 08:41
Nigeria: Marketers Accuse State Oil Firm of Nepotism ALLAFRICA.COM 06:45
BAE chair fails to confirm whether staff are loading bombs on to Saudi jets GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:17
East Africa: Indian Firm Wins Oil Route On Lake Victoria ALLAFRICA.COM 10:45
Kenya: 70 Oil Firms At Risk of Losing Licences ALLAFRICA.COM 14:19
Advisory firms urge BP shareholders to back revised pay scheme REUTERS.COM 13:15
Uganda: U.S. Firm's Oil Plant Plan Gets Villagers Evicted ALLAFRICA.COM 12:45
East Africa: Uganda Shortlists Firms for Oil Refinery Project ALLAFRICA.COM 05:32
Uganda: Four Firms Shortlisted for U.S.$4,27 Billion Oil Refinery Project ALLAFRICA.COM 06:32
Manufacturing Consent: UK PR Firm Hired by Saudi Arabia to Promote 'Muslim NATO' EN.RIAN.RU 16:14
Russia's TVEL Signs New $1 Bln Contracts With Chinese Nuclear Power Firms EN.RIAN.RU 13:14
Security Firm: Cyberattacks Against Saudi Arabia Continue BLOOMBERG.COM 11:02