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> 26 hours
EIB asks French diesel inquiry to probe Renault's use of loans REUTERS.COM 12:27
> 49 hours
Oh, the Irony! 'Eco-Friendly' Biodiesel Found Environmentally Destructive EN.RIAN.RU 12:40
> 70 hours
Daimler Employees Said to Be Probed Over Diesel Allegations BLOOMBERG.COM 15:54
> 76 hours
UK lawmakers demand more answers from VW over diesel scandal REUTERS.COM 10:14
> 91 hours
Fiat Chrysler diesel emissions investigated in France BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 19:26
> 126 hours
French watchdog clears GM's Opel of cheating on diesel emissions REUTERS.COM 07:53
> 199 hours
India Imports Petrol, Diesel From China Despite Many Disagreements EN.RIAN.RU 15:27
Renault CEO Ghosn targeted in French diesel probe REUTERS.COM 19:14
Audi searched by German police in Dieselgate swoop REUTERS.COM 12:14
German Prosecutors Raiding Audi Offices Amid VW Diesel Scandal BLOOMBERG.COM 08:54
German Police Raid Audi Offices, Escalating Volkswagen Diesel Inquiry NYTIMES.COM 14:39
Volkswagen Slashes Executive Pay 37% in Wake of Diesel Crisis BLOOMBERG.COM 11:15
Why VW's diesel compensation plans differ BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 11:13
Diesel emissions: the clues were there GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:43
Volkswagen pleads guilty in U.S. court in diesel emissions scandal REUTERS.COM 14:53
Volkswagen pleads guilty in US diesel emissions scandal AP.ORG 15:03
German court names lead plaintiff in Volkswagen diesel test case REUTERS.COM 12:27
Fiat Chrysler still trying to resolve U.S. diesel emissions issue REUTERS.COM 20:53
EU consumer agencies to join forces to press VW over dieselgate scandal REUTERS.COM 18:40
VW's Diesel Scandal May Implicate More Employees, Chairman Says BLOOMBERG.COM 08:15
The rise of diesel in Europe: the impact on health and pollution GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:44
Will the diesel car you are driving today be worthless in five years’ time? GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:29
Liverpool May Ban Diesel Cars From Entering City to Improve Air Quality EN.RIAN.RU 16:01
Taxi drivers and business leaders call for diesel scrappage scheme GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:42
Fiat Chrysler Says SEC, States Join EPA Probing Diesel Autos BLOOMBERG.COM 22:41
FCA reveals U.S. state, federal probes on diesel emissions REUTERS.COM 22:27
European Parliament panel urges improved diesel oversight AP.ORG 16:16
End UK tax incentives for diesel vehicles, ministers are urged GUARDIAN.CO.UK 14:42
Chris Grayling advises motorists to 'think hard' before buying diesel GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:57
VW cracks down on executive pay after diesel scandal BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 20:00
VWs Profit Boost Clouded by $6.8 Billion Diesel-Crisis Charge BLOOMBERG.COM 18:15
VW Leaves EU Consumer Chief `Desperate' Over Dieselgate BLOOMBERG.COM 13:15