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> seven hours
GM is accused in lawsuit of cheating on diesel truck emissions REUTERS.COM 16:01
GM accused of diesel emissions cheating CNN.COM 19:00
GM Is Accused in Lawsuit of Cheating on Diesel Truck Emissions NYTIMES.COM 19:39
> 25 hours
Software update can fix Fiat Chrysler's U.S. diesel issue: lawyer REUTERS.COM 22:27
> 54 hours
U.S. Files Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler Over Diesel Emissions BLOOMBERG.COM 17:41
> 58 hours
German prosecutors to search Daimler offices in diesel probe AP.ORG 13:03
German Prosecutors Search Daimler Offices in Diesel Emissions Inquiry NYTIMES.COM 14:26
> 61 hours
French VW probe identifies 22.78 billion euros in diesel sales: paper REUTERS.COM 10:40
> 147 hours
Fiat Chrysler to modify 104,000 U.S. diesel vehicles: company REUTERS.COM 20:28
> 152 hours
Fiat Chrysler Files Diesel Fix, Sees Resolving U.S. Concerns BLOOMBERG.COM 15:42
U.S. regulators approve VW diesel fix for 84,000 vehicles REUTERS.COM 15:41
> 171 hours
Dirty diesel: why ships are the worst offenders GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:44
> 176 hours
Audi pledges full dieselgate transparency: CEO REUTERS.COM 15:15
> 177 hours
Fiat Chrysler shares drop on U.S. diesel emissions probe REUTERS.COM 14:28
> 199 hours
EU launches legal action against Italy over Fiat Chrysler diesel emissions GUARDIAN.CO.UK 14:57
U.S. Prepares Lawsuit Over Fiat Chrysler Diesel Emissions BLOOMBERG.COM 21:42
Global tailpipe tests vastly underestimate diesel pollution AP.ORG 16:03
38,000 people a year die early because of diesel emissions testing failures GUARDIAN.CO.UK 15:17
Prosecutor's search of VW's dieselgate law firm was legal: court REUTERS.COM 09:54
U.S. judge approves Volkswagen 3.0 liter, Bosch diesel settlements REUTERS.COM 14:28
America's Diesel Car Market Gets Even Smaller BLOOMBERG.COM 21:55
VW rejects calls to publish dieselgate probe findings REUTERS.COM 11:41
U.K. Targets Diesel Drivers to Aid Smog-Choked London BLOOMBERG.COM 13:55
Drop in diesel car demand could put brakes on autos finance boom REUTERS.COM 13:02
Government fails to commit to diesel scrappage scheme in UK clean air plan GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:43
World Buying American Diesel as Fast as Refiners Can Make It BLOOMBERG.COM 17:55
Abschlussbericht zum Diesel-Untersuchungsausschuss: So will die Koalition die Autohersteller reinwaschen SPIEGEL.DE 12:58
VW resumes U.S. diesel sales after emissions scandal REUTERS.COM 19:53
Africa: Africa Rejects Europe's 'Dirty Diesel' ALLAFRICA.COM 14:19
Daimler says diesel probes could result in penalties, recalls REUTERS.COM 06:40