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> seventeen hours
U.S. Joins 'Constructive' G-20 Climate Meeting, Germany Says BLOOMBERG.COM 21:15
> eighteen hours
Climate Change This Week: Coral Collapse Presages Our Own, Fascinating Facts, and More! HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 19:57
> 25 hours
'Truly Uncharted Territory': Climate Change Surpasses Human Understanding EN.RIAN.RU 12:53
> 28 hours
Climate Change May Be Intensifying China’s Smog Crisis NYTIMES.COM 10:00
> 38 hours
Broadcast News Abandons Climate Change Coverage, Study Finds HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 00:19
> 39 hours
These handsome elephant seals are helping us track climate change | Esther Tarszisz GUARDIAN.CO.UK 22:43
> 41 hours
Changes to flight paths could reduce aircraft effect on climate GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:43
> 43 hours
Without Naming Trump, UN Acknowledges Nations Retreat on Climate BLOOMBERG.COM 19:15
> 44 hours
Maine Republicans Want To Protect Climate Change Deniers From Discrimination HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 18:06
> 56 hours
Two quit Australian climate authority blaming government 'extremists' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 05:43
> 61 hours
Climate Emails From Former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson's Alias Account Have Disappeared HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 01:19
> 64 hours
Maine lawmaker seeks discrimination protection for climate change deniers GUARDIAN.CO.UK 22:30
> 65 hours
Judge orders Exxon to hand over climate change docs CNN.COM 21:26
> 77 hours
Trump Won't Save Us From Climate Change. Maybe Surfers Will. HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 08:58
> 86 hours
Report: Climate outlook improves as fewer coal plants built AP.ORG 23:55
> 87 hours
Waning coal-fired power demand lifts climate hopes FT.COM 23:16
Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Change Legacy NYTIMES.COM 23:00
> 88 hours
17 Republicans Urge Congress To Fight Climate Change HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 21:45
> 90 hours
‘Uncharted Territory’: UN Climate Report Offers Grim View of Earth’s Future EN.RIAN.RU 20:01
> 93 hours
Climate Change Could Lead To An Uptick In Type-2 Diabetes HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 17:32
> 98 hours
Climate change is happening now – here’s eight things we can do to adapt to it | Missy Stults GUARDIAN.CO.UK 12:30
> 108 hours
Giant icebergs are slowing climate change, research reveals GUARDIAN.CO.UK 02:05
> 110 hours
Record-breaking climate change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:43
> 118 hours
Climate philanthropist George Soros invests millions in coal GUARDIAN.CO.UK 15:44
> 125 hours
19 House Republicans call on their party to do something about climate change | Dana Nuccitelli GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:05
> 126 hours
Paris Climate Accord Could Make the World $19 Trillion Richer BLOOMBERG.COM 07:41
> 149 hours
Why I think there's still hope for the climate in 2017 GUARDIAN.CO.UK 09:18
> 161 hours
Climate change: What are the facts? DALLASNEWS.COM 20:39
> 165 hours
The climate change battle dividing Trump’s America GUARDIAN.CO.UK 17:04
> 189 hours
College's Break With Climate Change Deniers Riles Debate Over Divestment Strategies HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 17:19