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China car dilemma: Beijing wants electric, buyers want SUVs AP.ORG 02:42
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Air China Airline to Cease Flights to North Korea From Apr. 17 Amid Tensions EN.RIAN.RU 15:40
India Turns to Oil Diplomacy in Effort to Compete With China in Its Backyard EN.RIAN.RU 14:01
China Oil Imports Surge Past U.S. to Record as Output Stagnates BLOOMBERG.COM 05:15
Coalition says China responsible for stopping North Korean nuclear weapons reaching Australia GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:42
China Producer Inflation Cools for First Time in Seven Months NYTIMES.COM 04:00
China Offers to Talk on Climate With U.S. as Trump Seeks Exit BLOOMBERG.COM 14:41
Nigeria: Nigeria, Others to Export 1.48 Million Barrels of Oil to China ALLAFRICA.COM 12:31
Video of United Airlines Passenger Creates Furor in China, Too NYTIMES.COM 10:13
China first-quarter auto sales strongest since 2014 despite tax cut rollback REUTERS.COM 07:01
Diversify or die: China's independent oil refiners adapt to new challenges REUTERS.COM 06:14
China Opens Delayed Myanmar Oil Pipeline to Get Mideast Crude Faster BLOOMBERG.COM 05:41
Top China Stock Picker Sees Sustained Rally in Commodity Shares BLOOMBERG.COM 08:02
China Top Nuclear Envoy to Arrive in Seoul Monday to Discuss N Korea Problem EN.RIAN.RU 10:40
This Day in Trump, Day 77: U.S. missiles target Syria, China comes to Mar-a-Lago, Senate goes nuclear DALLASNEWS.COM 08:52
This Day in Trump, Day 77: U.S. missiles target Syria, China comes to Mar-a-Lago, Senate goes nuclear DALLASNEWS.COM 23:39
'China Doesn't Believe Sanctions Can Change North Korea's Nuclear Policy' EN.RIAN.RU 13:14
Trump Boosts Coal as China Takes the Lead on Climate Change BLOOMBERG.COM 08:28
Yum China Soars After Pizza Hut Turnaround Fuels Earnings BLOOMBERG.COM 21:41
China Binges on Africa Oil Like Never Before After OPEC Cuts BLOOMBERG.COM 19:15
US Hopes China to Cooperate More on Solving North Korea Nuclear Threat - DoS EN.RIAN.RU 16:27
China emerges as top buyer of US crude oil FT.COM 13:29