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- the ultimate oil & energy crisis news collection - with BRENT and WTI oil prices -

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> 26 hours
German CEO Has May's Ear on Brexit as Global Nuclear Hub at Risk BLOOMBERG.COM 11:54
> 61 hours
Climate Emails From Former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson's Alias Account Have Disappeared HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 01:19
> 131 hours
Saudi Arabia and China just hit the 'next level' for strategic collaboration, Saudi CEO says CNBC.COM 03:14
> 195 hours
Pakistan Airlines' German CEO Barred From Leaving Country BLOOMBERG.COM 10:54
> 199 hours
Statoil CEO Warns of Globalization In Reverse After D.C. Visit BLOOMBERG.COM 15:15
American Airlines CEO tells investors they're thinking 'too short term' about industry DALLASNEWS.COM 19:52
Renault CEO Ghosn targeted in French diesel probe REUTERS.COM 19:14
Nasdaq CEO says tech partnership can help win $100 billion Saudi Aramco IPO REUTERS.COM 16:53
Is Rex Tillerson also Wayne Tracker? NY AG says ex-CEO used alias to discuss climate change at Exxon DALLASNEWS.COM 16:26
Russia's Rostec in Talks With Saudi Arabia, Kuwait on T-90 Tank Deliveries - CEO EN.RIAN.RU 07:40
Shell CEO doesn't sound like he's paying any attention to EPA's Pruitt on carbon CNBC.COM 17:40
GE CEOs Pay Falls to $21.3 Million in 16 Amid Oil Market Slump BLOOMBERG.COM 21:41
Exclusive: With India visit, Westinghouse CEO keeps nuclear project alive REUTERS.COM 12:40
BP is assuming $55 to $60 oil for the next five years, CEO Bob Dudley says CNBC.COM 00:14
Chevron CEO Watson says he supports Trump on tax reform CNBC.COM 22:40
Oil lower for longer, with a lot of volatility ahead, ConocoPhillips CEO says CNBC.COM 21:14
Norway’s Statoil CEO Says He Will Visit Russia’s St. Petersburg This Spring EN.RIAN.RU 21:27
American CEO says airline hasn't seen any 'discernible impact' from Trump's travel ban DALLASNEWS.COM 21:00
BP, Shell Investor Wants CEO Pay Policy Change After Revolt BLOOMBERG.COM 16:02
Eni CEO: The oil price is heading higher CNBC.COM 14:53
Exxon charts closer to home strategy as new CEO pivots oil giant DALLASNEWS.COM 14:52
Southwest CEO Gary Kelly preaches patience in slow-emerging Cuba airline market DALLASNEWS.COM 21:39
New Exxon Mobil CEO Echoes Rex Tillerson’s Skepticism On Climate Science HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 20:58
Litasco CEO sees oil range-bound in 2017, looks to expand REUTERS.COM 13:01
Centrica CEO Says Energy Price Limits May Backfire on Government BLOOMBERG.COM 06:41
Qantas shares rally on results, but CEO says earnings volatility part of airline business CNBC.COM 04:01
Spirit Airlines CEO dismisses new, cheaper fares by rivals AP.ORG 00:42