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> 28 hours
Airline workers press Trump to crack down on Middle East carriers' 'unfair' home-country subsidies DALLASNEWS.COM 19:26
> 50 hours
States Are Taking Note of Nuclear Energy's Carbon Free Benefits HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 21:45
> 85 hours
U.K. Gas Plunges as Cargoes of Fuel Sail to Oversupplied Europe BLOOMBERG.COM 10:41
> 93 hours
China Lovefest for U.S. Gas Begins as Trump Rolls Out Red Carpet BLOOMBERG.COM 02:16
> 171 hours
Conservatives commit to shale gas and electric cars FT.COM 19:55
> 180 hours
Singapore Airlines Reports Surprise Loss on Cargo Provisioning BLOOMBERG.COM 10:55
> 199 hours
Europe Car Sales Drop 6.8% as New Vehicle Tax Hurts U.K. Demand BLOOMBERG.COM 06:42
North Korea says missile tested over weekend can carry nuclear warhead GUARDIAN.CO.UK 02:04
India's 2030 All-Electric Car Target Seen `Ambitious' by IEA BLOOMBERG.COM 21:42
America's Diesel Car Market Gets Even Smaller BLOOMBERG.COM 21:55
Slow-freezing Alaska soil driving surge in carbon dioxide emissions GUARDIAN.CO.UK 19:05
Here's why the stock market should start caring more about falling oil prices CNBC.COM 20:40
Drop in diesel car demand could put brakes on autos finance boom REUTERS.COM 13:02
VW Bets on SUVs, Electric Cars in Overhaul of Namesake Brand BLOOMBERG.COM 12:42
Negative emissions tech: can more trees, carbon capture or biochar solve our CO2 problem? GUARDIAN.CO.UK 23:44
Electric Car Sales Are Suddenly Taking Off in Europe BLOOMBERG.COM 17:42
Saudi Arabia Woos U.S. Investors for Its Health Care Services BLOOMBERG.COM 16:16
UK car sales drop by a fifth after tax changes and price rises GUARDIAN.CO.UK 10:43
UK service sector growth hits four-month high, but car sales slump – as it happened GUARDIAN.CO.UK 08:50
Want Donald Trump To Care About Climate Change? Trevor Noah Has A Plan. HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 05:03
VW in talks with Exxon, Gazprom on gas-powered cars: Mueller on ORF REUTERS.COM 06:54
Cruise-Missile Carrying 'Supershark' Nuclear Sub to Join Russian Navy in 2018 EN.RIAN.RU 04:40
More animals died on United Airlines planes in 2016 than any other US carrier GUARDIAN.CO.UK 15:42
The Republicans who care about climate change: 'They are done with the denial' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 10:04
Saudi Arabia Temporarily Limits Mobile SIM Card Ownership BLOOMBERG.COM 11:41