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> 21 hours
Iran finds 2 billion barrels shale oil reserves in western province: agency REUTERS.COM 13:40
> 53 hours
Uganda: Atoke to MPs - Shs6 Billion Oil Cash Bonus Was Discussed As a By the Way ALLAFRICA.COM 05:18
> 57 hours
China's Juneyao Airlines finalizes $1.32 billion order for five Boeing 787s REUTERS.COM 00:55
> 74 hours
India Awards 44 Oil & Gas Field Worth $7 Billion to New Entrants EN.RIAN.RU 08:40
> 91 hours
India Taps Newcomers to Unlock $7 Billion Oil and Gas Assets BLOOMBERG.COM 15:02
> 105 hours
Toshiba Drops After Revealing $6.3 Billion Loss in Nuclear Unit BLOOMBERG.COM 01:29
> 116 hours
Japanese Firm Toshiba Keeps UK Gov't in Limbo Over Billion Dollar Nuclear Deal EN.RIAN.RU 14:14
Nigeria Loses Up to $100 Billion in Revenue as Attacks Cut Oil BLOOMBERG.COM 14:02
Nigeria: Up to $100 billion lost from oil militant attacks AP.ORG 18:42
> 130 hours
Delays, confusion as Toshiba reports $6 billion nuclear hit and slides to loss REUTERS.COM 00:01
Toshiba delays release of nuclear writedown, says 'not ready' REUTERS.COM 02:40
> 177 hours
Nuclear write-down leaves Toshiba with $3.5-billion loss in third-quarter: Nikkei REUTERS.COM 01:38
> 199 hours
Petrobras $5.2 Billion Deal With Brookfield Halted by Court BLOOMBERG.COM 19:42
Singapore Airlines places $14 billion wide-body Boeing order REUTERS.COM 23:14
Boeing front-runner for $13.8 billion Singapore Airlines order - Bloomberg REUTERS.COM 01:27
Nigeria: Govt Plans U.S.$50 Billion for Local Biofuels Production ALLAFRICA.COM 10:45
Fort Worth oil firm sells Midland Basin assets for $2.8 billion as Permian rush continues DALLASNEWS.COM 23:39
Statoil's fourth quarter lags after $2.3 billion net impairment charges CNBC.COM 06:40
Iran Approves $3 Billion Foreign Investment in Renewable Energies EN.RIAN.RU 03:01
Williamss $3 Billion Atlantic Sunrise Gas Project Gets U.S. Nod BLOOMBERG.COM 22:15
Frances Next President May Face $3 Billion Nuclear Hangover BLOOMBERG.COM 17:41
US Armed Forces Order $1 Billion Worth of Fuel From 14 Companies EN.RIAN.RU 08:41
Airline stocks lose $4.9 billion as investors weigh travel ban DALLASNEWS.COM 16:26
VW, Robert Bosch agree to pay $1.55 billion to settle U.S. diesel claims REUTERS.COM 07:14
VW to pay $1.2 billion or more to US owners of big diesels AP.ORG 08:02
VW Reaches $1.2 Billion Settlement Over Audi, Porsche Diesels BLOOMBERG.COM 11:53
VW and Bosch propose deals to settle US diesel claims BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 13:52
Uganda: Parliament Select Committee to Probe Shs.6 Billion Oil Cash Payout ALLAFRICA.COM 07:05
Nigeria: Despite Recession, Airlines Sold N330 Billion Tickets in 2016 ALLAFRICA.COM 13:05
Shell Sells $4.7 Billion of Fields as Disposal Push Accelerated BLOOMBERG.COM 09:01
Brazilian billionaire held on graft charges: Report CNBC.COM 15:27
Saudi Aramco Said to Weigh Up to $5 Billion of Renewable Deals BLOOMBERG.COM 11:40
Shell set to sell $3 billion North Sea assets to Chrysaor REUTERS.COM 11:14
Nigeria seizes $1.2 billion oil bloc in Shell, Eni scandal AP.ORG 10:54
AltaGas Buying Washington Utility Owner in $6.4 Billion Deal BLOOMBERG.COM 21:40
US oil and gas mergers gained momentum and almost hit $200 billion last year CNBC.COM 14:40