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> 31 hours
Nigeria: $12 Billion Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline On Track - NNPC ALLAFRICA.COM 07:19
> 70 hours
Algerias Sonatrach to Invest $50 Billion, Boost Crude Output BLOOMBERG.COM 15:54
> 77 hours
Nigeria: Lower Oil Prices, Sabotage Reduce Revenue Shared By Federal, States, Local Govt By N36 Billion ALLAFRICA.COM 09:31
> 90 hours
Consumers Would Be $3.9 Billion 'Losers' From Nuclear Subsidies BLOOMBERG.COM 20:02
> 93 hours
Oil theft 'provides billions for terrorists and drug cartels' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 16:57
Oil theft 'provides billions for terrorists and drug cartels' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 17:16
> 98 hours
Saudi Aramco Plans $2 Billion Debut Bond Ahead of IPO BLOOMBERG.COM 11:54
Saudi Aramco to launch first public bond sale FT.COM 16:55
> 100 hours
Nigeria: 40 Billion Barrels of Oil Reserves Achievable By 2020 - NAPE ALLAFRICA.COM 10:18
Chevron's $1 Billion Sale of China Oil Fields Stalls BLOOMBERG.COM 10:15
> 104 hours
Modi-Backed ETF May Fuel India Sales After $1.4 Billion Haul BLOOMBERG.COM 05:54
> 105 hours
Nigeria: NNPC Shops for $15 Billion to Build 4000MW Gas Power Plants ALLAFRICA.COM 04:44
> 118 hours
Shares of Transocean fall on announcement of $1.35 billion rig sale CNBC.COM 16:01
> 127 hours
Nigeria: Multi-Billion Dollar Gas Projects Linger On ALLAFRICA.COM 06:44
> 135 hours
Armed With $11 Billion, Thailand Oil Giants Hunt for Investments BLOOMBERG.COM 22:41
> 185 hours
Boeing Inks $3.2 Billion Agreement to Sell Apache Helicopters to Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 21:27
> 194 hours
Physical Oil Market Weakness Hits $50 Billion Hedge Funds' Bet BLOOMBERG.COM 12:02
> 198 hours
EON Raises $1.45 Billion in Offering to Fund Nuclear Deal BLOOMBERG.COM 07:54
> 199 hours
China, Saudi Arabia sign $65 billion in cooperation deals AP.ORG 05:03
Nigeria: $12 Billion Dangote Oil Refinery to Open in 2019 ALLAFRICA.COM 04:57
Indian mining tycoon pours billions into commodities CNN.COM 14:13
China, Saudi Arabia eye $65 billion in deals as king visits CNBC.COM 10:14
Australia floats $1.5 billion hydro upgrade to help plug power gap CNBC.COM 01:40
Boeing Inks Nearly $3.3 Billion to Produce Apache Helicopters for Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 23:14
Nasdaq CEO says tech partnership can help win $100 billion Saudi Aramco IPO REUTERS.COM 16:53
With oil drillers potentially saving $10 billion with Trump's tax cut, can they dig it? DALLASNEWS.COM 11:52
Trump Tax Cut May Save Oil Drillers $10 Billion, Boost Drilling BLOOMBERG.COM 01:54
Saudi Arabia's Billionaire Olayan Family Plans Local Asset Sales BLOOMBERG.COM 12:54
Mexico’s New Oil Tender Contracts to Bring $34 Billion Investments EN.RIAN.RU 22:14
Offshore gas project royalty would reap billions for government, report says GUARDIAN.CO.UK 20:18
Venezuela lawyer says $1.4 billion Exxon damages award overturned CNBC.COM 06:40
Shell Becomes Gas Company With $7.25 Billion Oil-Sands Sale BLOOMBERG.COM 15:41