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> four hours
Saudi Aramco's valuation reportedly off by $500 billion, or roughly Amazon and Netflix combined CNBC.COM 22:40
> 104 hours
BP Gulf Oil Spill Damage Valued at $17.2 Billion in New Study BLOOMBERG.COM 18:41
> 132 hours
Mnuchin's Newest Hollywood Partner Made Billions in Russian Oil BLOOMBERG.COM 13:54
> 138 hours
Tanzania: Govt, Oil Firms' U.S$ 30 Billion Gas Export Deal 'Ready' ALLAFRICA.COM 08:18
> 148 hours
Chevron Sells Canadian Refinery, Gas Stations in $1.1 Billion Deal BLOOMBERG.COM 21:54
> 189 hours
Undaunted by oil bust, financiers pour billions into U.S. shale REUTERS.COM 05:27
> 199 hours
Exclusive: Saudi to shelve, reform billions of dollars of unfinished projects - sources REUTERS.COM 16:01
Houston billionaire lays down bet on old school oil and gas fields DALLASNEWS.COM 15:26
Saudi Arabia Raises $9 Billion with Inaugural Islamic Bond BLOOMBERG.COM 23:41
PDVSA Notes Rally After Oil Company's $2.2 Billion Debt Payment BLOOMBERG.COM 17:54
Nigeria: NNPC, Customs, Others Shun U.S.$17 Billion Missing Oil Probe ALLAFRICA.COM 14:44
Nigeria: Malami Explains Delay in Recovery of Stolen $17 Billion Oil Proceeds ALLAFRICA.COM 10:18
Nigeria: Govt to Sue IOCs Over $17 Billion Undeclared Crude ALLAFRICA.COM 06:18
Nigeria: Opec Members Invest in 160 Projects Worth $156 Billion ALLAFRICA.COM 08:44
Money Pit? EU's Billions Mysteriously Miss Ukraine's Gas Pipeline System EN.RIAN.RU 07:53
Nigeria: Shell Admits It Knew Etete Would Benefit From $1.1 Billion ALLAFRICA.COM 05:31
Icahn Spat Leads to Billion-Dollar Fortune for Gas Pioneer Souki BLOOMBERG.COM 10:41
Saudi Aramco to Raise $3 Billion in Debut Sukuk Sale BLOOMBERG.COM 07:54
Gulf's $24 Billion Bond Bonanza Meets Cash Need in Cheap Oil Era BLOOMBERG.COM 06:02
Nigeria: Airlines' Debts to NCAA Rise to N15 Billion ALLAFRICA.COM 13:19
Global Shipping Fleet Braces for Chaos of $60 Billion Fuel Shock BLOOMBERG.COM 02:41
India's ONGC Videsh to Spend Over $3 Billion on Iran Gas Block BLOOMBERG.COM 11:02
ConocoPhillips sells oil and gas assets to Cenovus for $13.3 billion CNBC.COM 13:27
Shares of ConocoPhillips soar after $13.3 billion deal CNBC.COM 14:53
Abu Dhabi's Taqa Posts $5.2 Billion Loss on Oil Asset Write-Off BLOOMBERG.COM 13:15
Saudi Aramco Said to Price Islamic Bond in $10 Billion Debt Push BLOOMBERG.COM 06:15
Norway Invests Billions to Milk Dry Old Oil Deposits EN.RIAN.RU 07:53
UAE Sees $192 Billion Savings in Switch to Green Power From Gas BLOOMBERG.COM 12:15