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> six hours
Exxon Investors Rally to Back Climate Change Plan Board Opposes BLOOMBERG.COM 17:41
> 30 hours
All OPEC Members Back Extension of Oil Output Cut Deal - Iran Oil Minister EN.RIAN.RU 17:14
> 54 hours
China Joins EU, Canada in Backing Climate Deal Before Trump Plan BLOOMBERG.COM 17:02
> 62 hours
OPEC on Verge of 9-Month Cuts Extension After Iraq Gives Backing BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
> 68 hours
Oil prices pull back after fortnight of gains FT.COM 03:29
> 75 hours
Baghdad Backs Saudi-Russian Initiative to Extend Oil Output Deal for 9 Months EN.RIAN.RU 20:27
> 92 hours
Brent back above $54 as oil rallies in lead-up to Opec meeting FT.COM 03:16
> 153 hours
United Airlines giving back $200 it charged Texas soldier for overweight duffel bag DALLASNEWS.COM 14:39
> 155 hours
Azerbaijan to Back Extension of Oil Output Cut Deal EN.RIAN.RU 12:02
U.S. Shale Roars Back at OPEC BLOOMBERG.COM 11:55
> 156 hours
Oil Set for Weekly Gain as OPEC Members Seen Backing Longer Cuts BLOOMBERG.COM 11:42
> 178 hours
OPEC Loses Element of Surprise as Majority Back Cuts Extension BLOOMBERG.COM 13:16
> 181 hours
Algeria Says Most Nations in OPEC Deal Back Nine-Month Extension BLOOMBERG.COM 10:42
> 196 hours
African-American First-Class Passenger Claims Airline Sent Her to Back of Plane EN.RIAN.RU 19:41
> 197 hours
Shareholders back BP move to cut chief’s pay FT.COM 17:42
> 199 hours
Venezuela Backs Russian-Saudi Bid on 9-Month Extension of Oil Output Cuts Deal EN.RIAN.RU 16:54
Singapore's Property Comeback Fueled by Land-Hungry Developers BLOOMBERG.COM 21:42
Chevron investors back off from climate change proposal FT.COM 17:16
European Stocks Back at 21-Month High as Miners, Oil Shares Rise BLOOMBERG.COM 08:29
BlackRock to Back Climate Shareholder Proposal at Occidental BLOOMBERG.COM 17:03
BlackRock switch helps pass 'historic' climate measure at Occidental REUTERS.COM 17:54
Neptune vows to build new global oil force on back of Engie deal FT.COM 18:29
Goldman to IEA See Oil Bulls Back on Top as Cuts Dent Stockpiles BLOOMBERG.COM 01:29
John McCain just delivered Trump a rare loss in his bid to roll back energy rules CNBC.COM 16:40
US shale groups roar back to life after oil slump FT.COM 13:16
Ex-Military Brass Back Tillerson, Mattis in Climate-Change Fight BLOOMBERG.COM 22:42
50 MPs back fight to divest parliament pension fund of fossil fuels GUARDIAN.CO.UK 16:30
Russia Backs Saudi Proposal to Extend OPEC Oil Cuts Beyond 2017 BLOOMBERG.COM 08:42
Mexico Peso Traders Get Over Trump and Get Back to Commodities BLOOMBERG.COM 16:16
ConocoPhillips to lay off 300 in pull-back from Canada oil sands REUTERS.COM 21:41
Advisory firms urge BP shareholders to back revised pay scheme REUTERS.COM 13:15