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> 130 hours
South Africa: Police Fire Teargas At Nehawu Protesters Outside University of Pretoria ALLAFRICA.COM 13:32
> 131 hours
South Africa: Renewables Remain Part of SA's Energy Mix ALLAFRICA.COM 12:19
> 134 hours
South Africa: Authorities 'Rely Heavily' On Info From Illegal Miners After Gas Explosion ALLAFRICA.COM 09:06
South Africa: Q&A - Exploring South Africa's Proposed Nuclear New-Build ALLAFRICA.COM 09:06
> 199 hours
South Africa Accepts Nuclear Plant Ruling, Plans to Start Over BLOOMBERG.COM 10:42
South Africa: Zuma's Nuclear Plans Thwarted - for Now ALLAFRICA.COM 15:05
East Africa: Regional Crude Oil Pipeline Survey Begins ALLAFRICA.COM 05:45
East Africa: Indian Firm Wins Oil Route On Lake Victoria ALLAFRICA.COM 10:45
South African Police Use Tear Gas Against Protesters in Country's North EN.RIAN.RU 01:02
East Africa: Region to Benefit From U.S.$1.1 Billion AfDB Climate Change Fund ALLAFRICA.COM 06:32
East Africa: Kenya Edible Oil Denied Tax-Free Entry in Uganda, Tanzania ALLAFRICA.COM 12:58
Africa: As Oil Prices Dip, African Countries Spend Less on Military ALLAFRICA.COM 12:31
East Africa: Uganda's Logistics Sector Gears Up for a Bite of U.S.$8 Billion Oil Revenue ALLAFRICA.COM 09:32
East Africa: Oil Logistics - Where Are Business Opportunities? ALLAFRICA.COM 06:32
East Africa: Uganda Shortlists Firms for Oil Refinery Project ALLAFRICA.COM 05:32
South Africa: Energy Minister Says Government Will Appeal Nuclear Judgment ALLAFRICA.COM 15:45
South Africa: Time for Sanity and Clarity On SA's Nuclear Energy Plans ALLAFRICA.COM 11:32
Minister Sees 'Glaring' Problems in South Africa Oil Stock Sale BLOOMBERG.COM 11:29
East Africa: Tanzania MP in Push for Kenya to Revoke Ban On Gas Imports ALLAFRICA.COM 06:32
Saudi Aramco Boosts Fuel-Trading in Fight for Asia, Africa Sales BLOOMBERG.COM 20:03
Africa: Africa Rejects Europe's 'Dirty Diesel' ALLAFRICA.COM 14:19
Southern Africa: Region Short of Skilled Staff in Oil and Gas ALLAFRICA.COM 07:06