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> seven hours
US crude set for worst day in three weeks despite Opec deal FT.COM 16:29
> twelve hours
Tusk After Talks With Trump: EU's, US' Stances on Climate, Trade Still Differ EN.RIAN.RU 11:27
Five Eyes Alliance in Turmoil as Britain and US Fall Out Over Manchester Intel EN.RIAN.RU 11:27
> 20 hours
Lockheed Martin Wins $80M to Upgrade US Nuclear Missile Navigation System EN.RIAN.RU 03:53
> 28 hours
Not Top Secret: Trump Told Philippines President US Had Nuclear Subs in Region EN.RIAN.RU 19:14
DPRK on ‘Inevitable’ Path to Launching Nuclear Missile Against US - Official EN.RIAN.RU 19:01
> 31 hours
Trump's proposed US oil reserve sale feels opportunistic, says CEO of global energy firm CNBC.COM 16:14
> 32 hours
Oil rises as US crude inventories drop for 7th straight week FT.COM 14:55
> 34 hours
US Seeks to Prevent Turkish Stream Amid Competition for American Shale Gas EN.RIAN.RU 13:14
> 36 hours
The Saudis are being duplicitous and America is falling for it again DALLASNEWS.COM 11:52
> 41 hours
Nigeria: Will Dangote Refinery End Nigeria's Continuous Oil Woes? ALLAFRICA.COM 06:31
Trump's proposed US oil reserve sale not an issue for OPEC: Goldman Sachs CNBC.COM 06:01
> 52 hours
US Senator Paul to Force Vote on Trump $110Bln Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 19:14
Japan: US, South Korea ‘Cannot Be Optimistic’ About North Korean Nuclear Success EN.RIAN.RU 19:01
> 54 hours
Trump's Support of Saudi Arabia Predicted to 'Backfire' on US EN.RIAN.RU 17:53
> 55 hours
US Approves $250Mln Military Training Program for Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 16:53
Trump wants to sell half of emergency US oil reserve CNN.COM 16:52
> 59 hours
Kremlin Withholds Comment on US-Saudi Arms Sales Contract EN.RIAN.RU 12:14
> 62 hours
Ethiopian Airlines' Business-Class Ambitions Hit by Airbus Delay BLOOMBERG.COM 09:28
> 63 hours
India eyes US as it seeks alternatives to Opec FT.COM 07:55
> 64 hours
Philippines Does Not Want to 'Be Dragged Into Hybrid Standoff' Between US, China EN.RIAN.RU 07:53
> 67 hours
Trump Returning US Mideast Policy to Traditional Total Support for Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 04:40
> 70 hours
France Cautious About Reducing Nuclear Dependence Despite Growing Trend in EU EN.RIAN.RU 01:27
> 74 hours
Human rights activists criticize US praise for lack of Saudi Arabia protests GUARDIAN.CO.UK 21:43
> 80 hours
'This Should Really Concern Us': Donald Trump Renews US-Saudi Marriage Vows EN.RIAN.RU 15:40
> 82 hours
OPEC Sec-Gen sees growing consensus on duration of oil cut extension REUTERS.COM 13:14
> 83 hours
The Baneful Apocalyptic Triad of USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 12:14
> 84 hours
Susanna Reid is all that stands between us and nuclear Armageddon | Jack Bernhardt GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:16
> 85 hours
US President Trump Arrives in Israel From Saudi Arabia EN.RIAN.RU 10:01
> 91 hours
Shell warns US on dangers of abandoning Paris climate accord FT.COM 04:16