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> 22 hours
Take a look at Southwest Airlines' plane of the future, the Boeing 737 Max DALLASNEWS.COM 17:13
> 23 hours
Niger Delta militants attack oil pipeline FT.COM 15:53
> 24 hours
The World Agreed to Tackle Climate Change, But What Comes Next? HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 14:44
> 25 hours
Battle Cry For Climate Isn't Enough HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 14:31
> 26 hours
Why Obama doesn't want 9/11 families suing Saudi Arabia USATODAY.COM 13:17
The unromantic truth: oil money is vital to the Scottish nationalist cause | Ian Jack GUARDIAN.CO.UK 13:15
> 27 hours
Nigeria: Sanusi - Nigerian Airlines Have World's Lowest Aircraft Utilisation ALLAFRICA.COM 11:57
Nigeria: House to Investigate U.s.$17 Billion Stolen From Undeclared Crude, Natural Gas Exports ALLAFRICA.COM 11:43
> 28 hours
Third time's the charm? Opec members meet again to tackle low oil prices GUARDIAN.CO.UK 11:04
> 31 hours
Kenya: Somalia Accuses Kenya of Oil Search in Disputed Maritime Boundary ALLAFRICA.COM 07:43
'Is this civilisation?' ask residents as Aleppo reels from relentless shelling GUARDIAN.CO.UK 07:41
> 32 hours
Nigeria: Nigeria Hunts Down 700,000 Firms in Tax Crackdown to Offset Oil Slump ALLAFRICA.COM 06:43
> 33 hours
Energys Worst Performing Commodity Sinks Lower Amid Oversupply BLOOMBERG.COM 06:14
The unromantic truth: oil money is vital to the Scottish nationalist cause | Ian Jack GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:06
> 38 hours
Fed eyes rise in banks’ commodities capital FT.COM 00:53
> 41 hours
Fed Rules Seen Speeding Commodity Trader Exodus From Banks BLOOMBERG.COM 22:27
Odds of an OPEC deal are greater now, RBC's Croft says CNBC.COM 22:01
> 42 hours
Petrobras Plans to Sell Braskem Stake by End-2018 in Asset Dump BLOOMBERG.COM 21:27
Hedge Fund Gas Bulls Hit Jackpot as U.S. Prices Surge to $3 BLOOMBERG.COM 21:27
> 43 hours
Fashion Faux Pas: How is The World's 2nd Dirtiest Industry not a Topic at Climate Week? HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 19:44
> 44 hours
Higher oil prices actually pose a hidden threat to bankrupt drillers CNBC.COM 19:01
> 45 hours
OPEC Deal Still Elusive Even After Saudis Offer Oil Cuts to Iran BLOOMBERG.COM 18:27