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> three hours
American Airlines flight attendants provide 2,600 complaints but uniform issues continue DALLASNEWS.COM 10:39
BP selling part of Magnus field and Sullom Voe stakes to EnQuest BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 10:39
Canadian Drillers Brave Deep Freeze as Oil Patch Revives Growth BLOOMBERG.COM 10:14
> four hours
EasyJet Drops After Weak Pound, Fuel Costs Hurt 2017 Outlook BLOOMBERG.COM 09:53
> five hours
Saudi Arabia warns destructive computer virus has returned AP.ORG 08:54
> six hours
Top Executives of Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airline Group to Quit Amid Strategy Review NYTIMES.COM 08:00
Goldman Hails Global Rebound as Currie Sees Commodity Demand BLOOMBERG.COM 07:40
Cyber Attacks Target Saudi Arabias State Agencies, Companies BLOOMBERG.COM 07:27
Toshiba to unveil extent of U.S. nuclear business writedown on February 14 REUTERS.COM 07:27
> seven hours
Libya’s National Oil seeks central bank funding FT.COM 06:41
> eight hours
Why shouldn't Prince Charles speak out on climate change? The science is clear GUARDIAN.CO.UK 06:04
Open letter: Climate change and the integrity of science GUARDIAN.CO.UK 05:30
Robots Are Taking Over Oil Rigs BLOOMBERG.COM 05:28
> nine hours
Uganda: Leaders Clash Over Shs1 Billion Oil Factory ALLAFRICA.COM 04:57
Nigeria: Oil Prices Drop By 1.3 Percent ALLAFRICA.COM 04:31
More businesses must work with suppliers to curb climate change: study REUTERS.COM 04:27
> ten hours
Dubai Airport Passenger Gains Slow as Oil, Economy Hurt Emirates BLOOMBERG.COM 03:53
> eleven hours
China jails former Sinopec president for 15-1/2 years over graft REUTERS.COM 02:53
Oil Rises Near $53 as Iraq Says Close to Full OPEC Cut Pledge BLOOMBERG.COM 02:14
> twelve hours
Asia Grabs Record North Sea Crude Oil as OPEC Cuts Supply BLOOMBERG.COM 01:53
> fourteen hours
Two-Thirds Of Americans Disagree With Trump's Focus On Fossil Fuels HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 23:58
> fifteen hours
'No plans' to cut renewable energy target, Josh Frydenberg says GUARDIAN.CO.UK 22:43