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> two hours
Sorry Josh Frydenberg, gas is not the cleaner alternative to coal | Blair Palese GUARDIAN.CO.UK 02:43
Chinas Biggest Oil Company Aims for 50% Natural Gas by 2020 BLOOMBERG.COM 02:40
Reports: Possible gas explosion kills one in Belgian sports complex USATODAY.COM 02:20
Japan sees inflation hitting another low BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 02:13
> three hours
American pika vanishing from western US as 'habitat lost to climate change' GUARDIAN.CO.UK 00:55
> four hours
VW to Pay $1.2 Billion to U.S. Dealers Hurt by Diesel Scandal NYTIMES.COM 00:26
California’s Emissions Goal Is a ‘Milestone’ on Climate Efforts NYTIMES.COM 00:13
Asian Stock Futures Mixed Before Jackson Hole With Oil Above $47 BLOOMBERG.COM 23:53
Oil M&A Is Back as Industry Focus Shifts From Survival to Growth BLOOMBERG.COM 23:53
> five hours
Oil Holds Gains as Saudi Arabia Sees Output Freeze Positive BLOOMBERG.COM 23:41
Oil prices dip as Saudi Arabia dampens prospects of output freeze REUTERS.COM 01:53
Oil recovers as Iran confirms Opec attendance FT.COM 23:16
Hinkley Point C nuclear plant not essential - think tank BBC.CO.UK/NEWS 23:13
> six hours
Hurricane or heavy rain could spread Florida's Zika outbreak USATODAY.COM 22:43
U.S. Payrolls, Car Sales, Canada GDP: Week Ahead Aug. 27-Sept. 3 BLOOMBERG.COM 22:40
Petrobras voluntary layoff program accepted by 6,100 employees: source REUTERS.COM 22:14
Blackstone Unleashes Cash Hoard in Texas Shale Oil Land Grab BLOOMBERG.COM 21:53
> seven hours
The Paradox Of Renewable Energy HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 21:44
WTI Technical Analysis Signals Sell to Some Investors: Chart BLOOMBERG.COM 21:40
Why More Houses in Japan May Actually Drag Down Inflation BLOOMBERG.COM 21:40
Billionaire's 28-Year-Old Son Picks Digital Music Empire Over Palm-Oil Riches BLOOMBERG.COM 21:40
> eight hours
This CNN Meteorologist Was A Climate Change Skeptic, But Now He's A Believer HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 20:18
August U.S. auto sales seen down 5.2 percent; 2015 was peak: forecasters REUTERS.COM 20:14
> nine hours
If Food Was The Largest Climate Impact Of The 2016 Rio Olympics HUFFINGTONPOST.COM 19:18
Exclusive: Venezuela's oil imports slump on payment woes, economic meltdown REUTERS.COM 19:01
> ten hours
No specific action on OPEC freeze discussed yet: Saudi energy minister REUTERS.COM 18:14
> eleven hours
Humans kickstarted climate change 200 years ago, study finds REDORBIT.COM 17:43
Volkswagen reaches deal to compensate U.S. dealers for polluting diesels REUTERS.COM 17:01
> twelve hours
Russia Weighs Oil-Tax Increase in Bid to Spare Emergency Funds BLOOMBERG.COM 16:14
Look Past OPEC Freeze Hype to Really Understand Oils Advance BLOOMBERG.COM 16:14
VW Reaches Agreement With Dealerships Over Diesel-Cheat Losses BLOOMBERG.COM 15:53